Know The Different Types Of Mortise Handle & Its Features

There are several types of handles available in the market by varying architects and designers. Focussing on security factors, we have the one known as mortise handle. The term mortise refers to a cavity or a slot. Usually, it has a rectangular shape, cut into a piece of stone or wood. This is with the purpose to get a matching insert with the same dimensions.

Mortise handle lock is one of the most widely used locks when it comes to security at home and in offices. This consists of two basic components, that are the lock body and the cylinder lock. So let us see what types of mortise handle locks are available with the manufacturers with their features.

Types of mortise handle along with their features

Below are the varying types you will find in these handles to keep your home and office secured.

  • Plate handles: The mortise handle locks are specifically used for commercial application. Plate handles refer to mortise handles with plates. Mortise handles manufacturers basically develop them in two sizes, 8 and 10 inches and they are the most common handles today.
  • Rose handles: You can give several names to this type of mortise handles, such as lever or door handle, Rose or Rosette. Here, the lever finds itself attached or fixed to a circular or square plate. However, these are new in the fashion trend in mortise designs. They are the preference of architects and interior designers. Also, they have gained enough importance over time.
  • Baby latch handles: As the name suggests, these handles are simple to use. They refer to handles for interior doors that do not require to be locked. You only need to push down the handle to open the door. They come with a lever latch mechanism and are commonly used in bathrooms and other places needing less security.
  • Push-button handles: Here you will find a thumb press lever feature. The door can be locked just by pushing the button, and similarly, you can unlock the door. These push-button handle locks are among the latest trends in the market.

Apart from all this, there can be some other options in mortise handle sets available with trusted Mortise handles manufacturers. These are as follows:

  • Stainless steel series: They are anti-corrosive and highly durable.
  • Zinc alloy (white metal) series: Made and fabricated with the use of great quality pressure die casting, these handles result in dimensional accuracy. They are corrosion resistant and highly durable. They are a result of multiple copper layering and lacquering processes. Also, they have gone through stringent control measures and cycle tests and salt spray tests. 
  • Aluminium handles: Again, high-tensile strength and lightweight are two important features of such handles. Therefore, they provide longevity and come as light products in nature.
  • Brass handles: Last, we come to brass handles. They are highly anti-corrosive and are thus a preference in high humidity regions. 

So, there are many reputed and renowned mortise handle manufacturers and you get to choose the most trusted one with the top-notch quality handle locks. Make sure you get home only the best to remain secure. Choosing the right mortise handle lock will be about its aesthetic quality, reliability, use, style and ease of installation.


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