How to Illuminate Your Property with Landscape Lighting?

Do you want to take your building from basic to bling and boring to bright, then landscape lights can be your best bet. Everyone wants their home or office to look first-class. They try various things and spend thousands on achieving a top-rate landscape. If you are one among them, landscape lighting can be your best resort to make your building the topic for talk. But planning the lighting for space can always be intimidating. Landscape lighting has to be planned strategically to produce a stunning outcome. In this post let us walk through various aspects of landscape lighting and how to use it as the show-stealer.

Define the Need for Landscape Lighting

Before investing in landscape lighting define the purpose of lighting. Defining the purpose of illumination will give you an idea about the direction that you have to travel. Perhaps you want to create a space for relaxing in the evening after a tiring day or illuminate a corner for safety purposes. If you are clear about the purpose you can choose the right façade lighting.

Sketch the Landscape

If it is your backyard that you want to highlight, sketch the landscape. Include everything such as existing lights, benches, trees, pathways, decoration, and also the foliage. Also, estimate the height of the objects. Each object in the sketch will reflect or absorb light thus casting different effects.

Decide the Positions

Analyze the sketch you have made and decide what you want to highlight and which one you want to leave in dark. You can highlight the feature that you love the most. For instance, if you love sitting on a particular bench then try highlighting it. Add drama to the place that won’t catch anyone’s eye during the day. A stone wall that doesn’t gain any attention can take a whole new avatar when grazed by some light and shadow. Above all, give much importance to the function. If the yard has a deck or a meandering pathway then it has to be lit for making movement safer and easier. Also concentrate on the entryway as a well-lit entryway is highly welcoming.

Choose the Type of Landscape Lighting

A pro tip before choosing the type of lighting is don’t get overwhelmed. There is a mini world of landscape lights that can make you confused. Some of the common types are inground lighting, outdoor post lighting, path lighting, pond lighting, and much more. Each category has its subcategory. If you are clear with purpose and the places to highlight, you can choose the light effortlessly. The best lighting designers will be of great help throughout the process of illumination.

Decide the Effect That You Want to Achieve

This is another subject of landscape lighting that will make your mind go crazy. But one that is assured is you are going to have unlimited fun trying out various effects. Some of the common lighting effects from the vast sea of options are uplighting, silhouetting, shadowing, moonlighting, grazing, and washing. Your landscape is the canvas and lighting is the paint.

Estimate the Effort

The landscape lighting that needs much effort is 120 volts lighting. The wiring for this type has to be buried at 18 inches depth or encased in a conduit for protection from water. Low voltage lighting doesn’t need much effort. All it needs is an outdoor receptacle and a transformer. The transformer will convert 120 volts from the house line into usable 12 volts.

Bottom Line

Elevate the look of your landscape with landscape lighting with the help of famous lighting designers in India. With the best designer, you can have the best experience of decorating your landscape.


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