Amazing Tips & Trends for Office Lighting

Offices have become a second home for almost everyone doing a 9 to 5 job. Everything at the office is aimed at improving the productivity of employees. Right from the chair to the positioning of the furniture is planned in an effort to foster comfort and efficiency. Among all, lighting in the office plays a critical role in the productivity of the office. If you are feeling tired and exhausted while working on the computer or having a severe headache after hours of working then you can blame the lighting. If you want your employees to work at their peak of potential then it is time to consider changing the lighting according to some amazing tips and trends.

Go Personal

The offices now are going for designing to improve the productivity of the employee in addition to emphasizing aesthetic appeal. Customized designs have become the current trend as it caters to the individual’s needs. This applies to lighting too. In workstations, the only available light was the one that was facing downwards from the top. These lights weren’t as successful and comfortable. Keep in mind that your office shouldn’t have a sick-building syndrome. The sick-building syndrome is a condition where the employees feel less happy compared due to the lack of proper indoor lighting, plants, and bright colors.

Providing personal lighting for people at their desk gives a hand at controlling the intensity of the according to their preference. Also, this won’t affect the productivity of others. Desk lighting is one of the best ways to render personal lighting.

Soak in the Sun

Did you know that people work the best and are happy while working in natural light? Considering this, offices are going for more open space. If space is closed, go for light bulbs that mimic natural light more effectively. Also, adapt full spectrum light bulbs that will illuminate the whole space instantly. A simple trick to strategically improve lighting at the office is to place mirrors. If you are opting for renovation go for an open setting workspace. Let the surfaces of desks and cabinets are of sleek finish instead of a matte finish as it maximizes the amount of natural lighting by bouncing. With the help of light consultants in Delhi design your space to include more natural light.

Don’t be Blue                                                                       

Almost all the working spaces are lit up to 500 lux which is a measurement of illumination. It is observed that a workspace that is lit for up to four times the illumination helps to combat the emergence of seasonal affective disorder. It is a kind of depression that develops during certain climates of the year when the amount of sunlight is less. Measure the lux of the lighting and see to it that the light is not in the depressing range.

Bend the Rules with LED

Innovation is a part of any field and the same is applicable for lighting. Lighting has evolved to a great extent. The bulbs are not just any more round and horizontal. One of the most creative lightings that have become a fad is linear lighting. This is commonly referred to as organic lighting as the shape and variety of light are organic. The linear lights can be installed on walls or ceilings or both can be connected to form a path. You can play with linear lighting and create numerous patterns like a zigzag, wave, geometric, or asymmetrical. Get an idea from lighting designers in Pune and create a picturesque office.

Bottom Line

Lighting in an office is one of the vital factors for ergonomics. To scale productivity and instill comfort consider these tips and go for light renovation from lighting consultants in Dubai.


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