How to Choose Qualified Conveyancing Solicitors

Buying a new home is a big step and is likely to be one of the largest purchases you have ever made. It can be an exciting yet overwhelming moment because from coordinating removals to picking the new curtains, there are many things to remember. However, arranging the conveyancing process is one element that is often overlooked or left until the last minute. Conveyancing is the legal method of land purchase and sale. 

Finding the right conveyancing solicitors to help you navigate the dynamic conveyance environment will help save you a lot of stress and money with such a significant investment at hand. With this in mind, we have listed five top tips below for you to find the right professional.

Avoid the conveyancing solicitor recommended by your estate agents.

Some estate agents will pressure you to use specific conveyancing solicitors, but they will earn a large fee for doing so. Bear in mind that whatever they suggest, you are under no obligation to use their proposed law firm. The company they recommend may not be right for the job, and that will almost definitely mean higher costs for that commission.

Be careful of conveyancing factory firms.

Bargain basement factory companies can sound like a smart way to cut costs, but dealing with faceless call centres may mean never talking to the same person twice instead of a trained local professional. Should they occur, a trained conveyancing solicitor would also be able to deal with complicated legal problems? If a factory firm lacks a significant detail or makes a significant mistake, by going for a cheaper option, it could end up costing you a lot more than what you saved.

Check that there are no hidden fees.

Ask for a detailed rundown of expenses, including disbursements, before hiring any conveyancing solicitors. Disbursements are all costs that the solicitor may have to pay to third parties as part of the legal procedure such as search costs and stamp duty. If a conveyancing company does not tell you their fees upfront, find one that will. Note also that the company might not be upfront on all the costs you may pay if a quote appears suspiciously low.

Right qualifications and accreditations

Be sure to find out if your preferred conveyancing solicitors have extensive experience dealing with conveyancing problems and are a member of the Conveyancing Rating Scheme of the Law Society. This accreditation indicates that in their conveyance process and client service, the law firm meets exceptionally high standards of quality.

Mortgage lender’s panel

If you get a mortgage, be careful that only certain law firms can work with certain mortgage lenders. Remember to check with every organization on the lender committees they are on as though they are not members, and the lender would charge you on top of your own for their legal work. The fees will start piling up in this case.

Overall, the above tips are exceptional. They will help you find qualified conveyancing solicitors who will help you through your needs.


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