Tips For Easy Hearing Aid Care

You depend on your hearing aids every day as it offers you the hearing quality you come to enjoy. When your device starts malfunctioning, you spend the most challenging few days or weeks and wait for them to get repaired. You can avoid going through these tough days, provided you take proper care of the device. Preventive maintenance can extend the life of your hearing aids in Beverly Hills and reduce the chance of malfunctioning.  

Here are some handy tips to help you take proper care of your device and get the most out of it. 

  • Keep away from moisture

Hearing aids come with some sophisticated technology wrapped inside a tiny shell. Once exposed to moisture, it can cause severe damage to the circuit inside. Though hearing aids nowadays are made water-resistant, we recommend removing it while swimming or showering. If your hearing aid comes in contact with water by any chance, you should dry them at once using a towel. However, you should never use a hairdryer or other heat-generating devices to dry the machine.

People residing in humid areas might consider storing the device in a specialized hearing aid dehumidifier.

  • Change the batteries often

Hearing aids might tend to get damaged if you do not change the batteries for long. The moisture inside the batteries can cause corrosion and, thereafter, damage the device. You can leave the battery door open when you are not using the device. When you are not using the device for a few days, we advise removing the batteries. 

While changing out the batteries, make sure to clean the battery contacts. You can do this by wiping them using a dry cotton swab. 

  • Keep the device away from earwax

Earwax is one of the fundamental causes of why hearing aids in Beverly Hills fails to perform correctly. However, it is almost impossible to prevent your device from getting in contact with earwax. That is the reason it is essential to clean them correctly and frequently.

At the end of the day, when you take off your hearing aid, take a cotton swab, and try to remove any debris or earwax gently that might get accumulated on the device. Remember, you need to clean both the microphone and the receiver.

  • Change the wax filter

Apart from removing earwax, it is also vital to replace the wax guard periodically. This filter prevents the wax from getting into the internal components of the machine and damaging them. You should do this whenever you see any build-up on your filter. 

However, not all devices come with the same filter. Ask your healthcare provider from whom you buy hearing aids in Beverly Hills about which one to use and the specific way to change it. 

Cleaning and maintaining your hearing might be challenging, but not with the tips mentioned above in hand. Even after you follow the directions, it is good to schedule a professional device cleaning plan in 4-6 months. That will ensure a long life for the device.


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