How To Get Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals?

If you are planning to build or renovate a building in Sydney it is likely that you would require Sydney water building plan approvals. The requirement will be clearly stated in your DA letter issued by the Council. Only with the Sydney water building plan approval, you will be able to move ahead with your proposed building. The approval plan needs to check that the proposed building is not damaging any Sydney water structure like a lamp hole, manhole, or a sewer, which are located on or near the property. However, to get the approval you will have to submit your plan online. You can either do it online or you can seek help from an agency.

Now let us understand a little more about this approval process

What is the building plan approval and why is it needed?

The Sydney water building plan approval is essential because it ensures that you have permissions ready before you have received the construction certificate. In case you fail to gather this approval, it is possible that you are fine for unauthorized work or you may have to compensate for the expenses that have been incurred by the agency due to the unauthorised construction.

Process Involved in the Building Approval Process

You can get the approval only after using the business plan approval process. When you apply for the approval process, it is expected that the authorities will ask the constructors a few questions. Nevertheless, there are two possible outcomes of the many questions that are asked.

First of all, it is possible, that the authorities will approve the plan without any further assessment. Secondly, it may so happen that they refer to the Water Servicing Coordinator for further assessment.

When referred to the coordinator in most cases, they will approve the plan without any further assessment.

Now the question that might come to your mind is who these water servicing coordinators are.

Water Servicing Coordinators in the Sydney water building plan approval

A Water Servicing Coordinator is a listed provider for Sydney Water. They usually help you with the following:

  • Review the building plan and discuss the options or requirements with you
  • Advising you of the documents that would be required
  • Specifies the asset protection requirement or the alternates
  • Arranging for the concrete encasement work or the piering requirement

The servicing coordinators act as a middle ground between the approval authority and the ones who submit an application for approval. However, it is crucial that you need to get in touch with several water coordinators so that you can find out the best coordinator.

As far as the approval process is concerned, generally, if the construction does not impact the assets you can get the approval straightaway. But in case there are some impediments, usually, the approval process takes a bit longer.

Last, but not least, before you submit a plan for approval, go through it carefully by an expert so that you can get it approved at one go without any hassles.


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