Understanding Concrete Repair and Carrying it Out

As concrete is seen as a strong substance, it is easy to forget that it can crack or break and become in need of repair. There are a number of reasons the damage occurs, including the environment, heavy usage and certain chemical reactions. Whatever the cause, there will be a way to repair the concrete and it is just a matter of knowing the products to use and the correct technique to implement.

Epoxy resin mortar

This has proved to be a very reliable substitute for concrete when it is a repair that is required. There is a lot of flexibility in the resin and as a result, the cracks will not reappear. It is a popular way to carry out repairs, but what do you do when there are large areas of concrete that have to be fixed? Often it will be best to call in the experts. There are a number of new materials that can be used, and it is important to ensure that the materials used are up to standard and have the required safety marks. When concrete buildings are being repaired, it takes good craftsmen and the right materials. The damaged area of concrete must be taken away before the repair can begin, and the steel needs to be prepared for the new concrete to be put in place. As the resin comes in various colors and shades, it can be a cheap but safe way to make a good repair.


If there is only a small concrete repair required, then it will be possible to use pneumatic and power tools. But, if a more substantial repair is required, then it will be hydro demolition. When the replacement concrete is added there is again a choice of method. If it is a small area, then it can be a hand mortar but for larger patches, self-compacting concrete will be used. The hard part of this job is when the concrete needs to match what is already there and for this you should use a specialist. 

Usually this will be, when there is an exposed aggregate finish. Sometimes it will be easier to repair the damage if the path is made out of concrete slabs rather than a large area of concrete. Here, the complete slab can be removed, and another put in its place. It is not a good idea to try and repair the slab by adding concrete to the damaged part.

Post repair

When the concrete repair has set, you will want to make sure that it looks as good as possible. For this you can add a layer of protection and this will keep it safe from chloride ingress and carbonation. It will be a long time before further repairs are required.

Company checks

When you are looking for someone to do the work, look for reviews online, or even better, get word of mouth reports from people who have already used the company. The website will be a good way to see if the company has any awards and what training the employees undergo.


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