Corporate Video Production Company - A Source To Reach Prospective Customers

A blog just expresses words while a video expresses emotions. A beautifully crafted video is enough to speak about your brand, services and attract customers. A bespoke video is a money-spinning investment that will boost the revenue of your company. According to top marketers of the world, about 54 percent of people want to see video content from the business they support and 72 percent of customers love to learn about products and services via a video rather than a pamphlet. With the numbers increasing day by day, it is clear as crystal that it is time to throw some light on the importance of the best video production companies to target the hearts of consumers.

Marketing becomes engaging

The biggest advantage of making a corporate video is it is fun and engaging. The video itself will be entertaining and engaging. You need not do anything extra to popularize the services. As images speak more than words, bringing the images to life with the addition of life will connect with the targeted audience emotionally and sow the seed of trust. A lot of data that is huge as a hill leaves the customers in a confused state. A video by ad Films Company will compile all the data into a consolidated content and explain the heart of the detail.

Tell your story

Stories always attract people as people can connect with them. It is a platform to explain your product without any commercial constraints. This is highly beneficial for small businesses as it gets an opportunity to talk to people. The TV and radio ads are limited to 30 to 60 seconds whilst the corporate ads are not subject to such constraints. Today the online platform is open for you to take the stage. You can target 78 percent of people who watch video online.

Video enters the brain

As it is one of the straightforward methods the consumers have embraced this form completely. Compared to reading pages of text, video is absorbed and grasped immediately by the brain and it is stickier compared to texts. 93 percent of the human communication is visual and 90 percent information stored in the brain is in the form of visuals. Thus it is a no brainer that a video marketing tool is gonna be registered in the brain compared to texts.

The search engine loves and rewards video

In nature, videos are educational. Just think you are given the script of your favourite movie and the motion picture of the same. Which one will you choose? It is obviously the movie, right? You are not alone here, almost 90 percent of people do the same. Thus video becomes invaluable to the consumers. As you know search engines always present the most valuable results to the searchers and in this case videos are given the first preference. According to research, it is found that a website has 53 percent more chance to pop up on the first Google page if it has videos in it. Compared to texts you will have 94 percent extra views if you have video content on your page.

Converts the “Maybe” clients into “Yes” clients

Conversion of leads into customers is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy. Video is one such powerful tool that exhibits humongous results. If the landing page contains a bespoke video crafted by a promotional video company, the chances of converting traffic into clients increases by 80 percent. Just on the side of the page, place an eye-catchy and informative video to increase the conversion rate by double.

Bottom line

By now you would have understood that a video is a powerful tool of marketing. With the help of the best corporate video production company in Mumbai, boost the conversion rates of your business and double the rate of revenue.


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