Prime Importance of Spiral Wound Gaskets

In manufacturing, safety and protection have remained the most critical issue ever for decades. During the 20th century, there was a massive demand for gaskets in oil refineries. Thus, during those days, spiral wound gaskets were introduced; however, they were mainly used against the flange's surface finishes. These spiral wound gasket manufacturers used the mirage flange used for its production to face the machines.

Spiral wound gaskets give the much needed cushioning where two metallic objects are in constant contact. They are at risk of eroding each other in the work process without a gasket. This can have serious consequences, or you can have to change these parts regularly, your machinery can fail to deliver the necessary productivity. You will have to incur heavy losses in both cases. Therefore, in different development procedures, spiral wound gaskets provide much-needed solutions.

Spiral Wound Gasket Varieties

Raw Materials Used

To meet their requirements, different industries use spiral wound gaskets made from a variety of materials. Metal, plastic, silicone, rubber, asbestos and paper are among the most commonly used raw materials. Different working conditions are considered when deciding on the boiler spare parts, such as temperature, chemical effect, place of use, etc. Apart from these variables, it is recommended that you use only those that fit correctly into your requirement, i.e. provide tightly in the appropriate space, before deciding on any gasket variety. 

The spiral wound gasket's reliability depends primarily on the mechanical properties of the material used, so one aspect should be carefully considered. Carbon-rich stainless steel is the most common metal gasket for its strength and toughness under different work conditions.

Varieties in Shapes

Depending on their respective use, spiral wound gaskets are available in several different varieties. There are circular, rectangular, oval, pear-shaped and diamond shapes. Of these, the oval or circle form is used most frequently. 

Dimensional Varieties

Most spiral wound gasket manufacturers can produce customized varieties, apart from that size and shape, as per prevailing international standards, as per customer demands. The same also applies to other fasteners, such as threaded rod studs. As per your requirements, you can also choose the thickness of the material. To improve its performance, most users prefer to insert a steel ring inside a spiral wound gasket. This also helps to shield the windings from pollution and other threats, primarily the filler.

While critics of spiral wound gaskets think these are very costly, they are worth the price when considering their beneficial factors. They go a long way in lowering risks and reducing costs. In various essential industry sectors, spiral wound gaskets are the most reliable sealing solutions. In refineries, petrochemical, chemical, steam lines, and process industries, they are used to have many advantages over traditional gaskets.

The gaskets for spiral wounds are a costly commodity. The use of the spiral wound gasket is highly reliable and robust. It lasts for a very long time, thereby giving the consumer assurance that all the money spent on it when making its purchase is worth it. It has a solid foundation, which is a crucial explanation for its long-lasting existence.


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