What Are The Advantages Of Living In Serviced Apartments On Weekly Basis?

accommodation in Mt Isa
accommodation in Mt Isa

In case you are planning to move to a new city or any of its parts for anything longer than a couple of weeks, booking a hotel just might not be the best option. While for some affordability might be the top consideration and for others, it might be the comfort and the feeling of belongingness. This is where the choice of looking for a serviced apartment comes in which anyone who frequently travels would not just prefer but also recommend. These are furnished flats or houses that you can rent for your stay on a nightly basis and for as long as several months according to your suitability and comfort. Here are some of the key advantages and benefits that you enjoy if you choose to opt-in for serviced apartments for accommodation in the Mt Isa region of Queensland in Australia.

  • Cost-Effective and spacious

Almost any serviced apartment that you look for accommodation in the Mount Isa region of Queensland in Australia is quite cost-effective in comparison to the hotels for a longer duration of stay. Moreover, these properties have much more space to offer that you can enjoy in comparison to the hotel rooms. The cost-effectiveness is the most important reason why people prefer these serviced apartments to stay durations more than even a week. 

  • Homelike comfort and facility to cook

If you are to stay in a new city for a longer duration, it is most likely either for some sort of studying, training, or for work, and to be productive for anything that you do, your body demands rest and comfort. As the apartments give a more home-like vibe, they are mostly unbeatable in providing the comfort and relaxation that you would like to have. Moreover, as more people care about their health and well-being these days, they prefer not to eat junk or poor-quality food outside but instead prefer to prepare food themselves. The home-cooked food option is not just healthier but also a more pocket-friendly alternative. The hotels do not give you the facility to cook and this is another major benefit that opting for serviced apartments for accommodation in the Mount Isa region of Queensland in Australia provides you. 

  • Facilities and Freedom

Another factor that people pay the least attention to yet is a major consideration are the amenities that you get when you opt for such Serviced apartments over hotels. The Serviced apartments provide you with all the facilities that hotels provide and besides offer you flexibility, freedom, and the benefits of staying at a central location of town which makes them an indispensable choice.

  • Weekly Basis accommodation

The last question that can pop up in one's mind is what makes serviced apartments better than flats that you can rent by signing a long-term contract? Well, the answer is simple. These apartments provide you with the freedom to opt-out whenever you like and so you do not get locked into long-term leases.


After considering these points, one can easily confirm the fact that without any doubt, looking for serviced apartments for accommodation in the Mount Isa region of Queensland in Australia is the best choice that one can make for staying in the town for anything more than a week. 


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