Top 5 Benefits Of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are used in buildings' exterior and interior to support balconies, staircases and enhance security. Though several materials can be used to design balustrades, glass balustrades in Sydney have recently become quite prevalent in commercial and residential structures because they have several essential benefits.

5 Benefits Of Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrades are Strong and Durable

Glass balustrades are exceptionally tough to withstand in various situations. This makes them quite durable and will not require regular maintenance. Besides wood or metal, glass is not susceptible to rust, corrosion, or infestation by pests. This property enhances the durability of glass considerably. Since glass ages gradually, any changes on the balustrades will hardly be noticeable to the naked human eye. Therefore, glass balustrades are a perfect choice for your home interior or exterior décor because they are long-lasting hence are a worthwhile investment.

Glass is Safe and Secure

Technological advancement has made glass manufacturing quite sophisticated. Hence, in modern times, glass is quite safe and strong to be used as a balustrade material. Glass balustrades are made with tempered, thick glass that requires intense structural pressure to break. Hence, the glass balustrades will be as strong as metal. Even in the rare situation of the glass breaking, it will not disintegrate into sharp pieces, thus making glass perfect for the home environment where there might be young children.

Glass is Easy to Clean and Maintain

Glass balustrades are a good choice for the home or office environment because they are easy to clean and maintain. The cleaning process requires wiping the glass surface with a lint-free cloth and accredited cleaning products. This will make the glass balustrades look as good as new. Moreover, if the glass surface gets scratched or damaged, quick polishing will restore it to its authentic splendour. This is unlike wood or metal balustrades that require regular maintenance and whose cleaning process is quite complicated.

Glass Entirely Complements Other Materials

The versatility of glass balustrades is quite exceptional. This is because they easily harmonize with other materials in the vicinity. Hence, it is possible to use wood, stone, or metal for the barristers, handrails, or risers. This will correspond with the glass, thus making the overall balustrades look unique and artistic. Moreover, one can use glass that is either patterned, opaque or has a variety of texture, colour, and framing preferences. This unique characteristic makes glass balustrades quite common in homes and offices.

Glass does not Block Light.

Glass balustrades are common because they do not block natural or artificial light in a building. Hence, sunlight is allowed to shine through the vicinity making the space look bright and feel natural. This is unlike traditional methods of making balustrades that did not consider light options. Glass balustrades will bring an ethereal and modern interior that will make the home or office environment a safe haven.

The graphic and operative benefits of glass balustrades in Sydney make them an excellent choice for any edifice. Though glass might be slightly expensive, it is a worthwhile investment that will last for a long period.


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