Marble flooring and its kinds

Hailing from limestone family, marble is one of the most popular stones used in constructing infrastructure. Marble is an epitome of elegance and beauty. It reflects the splendour of luxury while adding an aesthetic value. The most beautiful monument in the world, Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world has been built using marbles.  

Marbles are used for different construction purposes for example, it used for walls, it also used for making cupboards, tables and other decorative pieces. Marble floor tile is the most loved and most popular use of marble. 

Marbles as a stone is processed and cut out into various forms like mosaics, slabs, pavers, etc., however marble floor tile remains one of the most favourite furnishing aspects of home owners, architects and builders alike.

Marbles are immensely popular because of their royal touch and magnificence. It speaks volumes of one’s superior taste and class.

Home makers may often consider using marble floor tiles for their homes. However, before one starts out it is important to know the various kinds of marble floor tiles available in the market. Each kind has its own appeal and differs according to their textures, colours, finish and the effect it adds to adorn the house.

The different kinds of marble flooring are:

  • Carrara Venatino: It has grey, white and bluish grey undertones. It has a royal, pristine white touch to it and is hence it is used most commonly in bathrooms. This is most common type of marble and is easily available in the market
  • White Gold: it has colours like white, gold, brown and grey and is available in multiple sizes
  • Emerald Green: This marble includes colours like green, grey and black. This is another popular choice for bathrooms and restrooms floorings.
  • Calacatta marble floor tile: This is rare marble and adds a striking look to the house. This kind of marble is white in colour with veining done in thick and large patterns. Because it adds a feel of richness to the tiles and due of its rarity, this kind of marble is considered a luxury by most people.
  • Crema Marfil marble floor tile: This kind of marble in available in various tones and variations. It is usually yellow and light beige in colour. It has irregular and intense veins. This is also very popular among the architects and home owners love this marble.
  • Statuary marble tile: Similar to Carrara, this marble has grey and light grey tones but are more dramatic in terms of veins and texture. It has a semi-transparent background and has a glossy and radiant finish. 
  • French Vanilla: It has colours like white, beige, vanilla and cream. It is most commonly used for flooring of kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. 

These were some of the most popular marble floor tiles available in the market. They are available in number of sizes and thickness.

Marble floors and tiles turn your den into a magnificence of royalty, making your house look unique, translucent, pristine and spotless. 


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