What Type of Glass is Used for Balustrades?

Glass, over the years, has found itself in several places. With the multi-utility properties associated with it, glass as balustrade is predominantly being used in many real estate projects. The usage has added beauty to the buildings and enabled the real estate contractors to fetch more price for the property.

But are all the types of glass used for the manufacturing of balustrades? Definitely not. To get the best of the balustrades, strengthened and laminated glass is used by almost all the manufacturers. The main feature of the glass is that it has almost a thin invisible plastic on the surface. This prevents the glass to fall apart if broken into pieces.

The following are some of the top reasons why this particular type of glass is being used in the manufacturing of glass balustrade in Sydney

  • Unblemished Finish

When it is to be used in any type of real estate property or commercial building, the finishing has to be precise. Apart from this, it must have the modern look with a touch of immaculate beauty providing an unmatched aesthetic beauty.

Seamless View

Another reason behind the popularity of glass balustrade in Sydney amongst the house owners, commercial and real estate developers is the seamless view that it provides to the person looking through it. The best part is that the viewer will not even feel that there is a barrier between his/her eyes and the object he is looking at.

This particular property has made it to be used in residential pool areas, staircases, and balcony.

Desired Safety

The glass balustrades are available in different sizes and thicknesses. For example, the measurement of the thickness of the glass balustrade in Sydney to be used for the balcony is completely different than that of the type to be used in either staircase, swimming pools, or as a shower screen.

Therefore, if you have chosen to use glass as a balustrade for the balcony, you need not worry about it as these would be manufactured accordingly keeping in mind the place where is to be used.

Customisation of the Size of the Balustrade

Another factor that is making glass balustrade being popularly used at different places is the ease to customise. One can select the size, height, and width of the balustrade according to the requirements. The popular manufacturers and dealers of glass balustrade in Sydney leave no stone in providing the best items to be used.

Considerations Before Buying Glass Balustrade

According to the experts, you, as a buyer should be highly sorted on the purpose of your purchasing a glass balustrade. One should make the following considerations before buying glass balustrade in order to ascertain that it would be worth the investment—

  • Place of installation
  • Size and colour/design of the balustrade
  • Type of balustrade to be installed- frameless, semi-frameless, or framed
  • Presence of surface coating
  • Quality of the balustrade


The research and development segment of this particular field has been quite progressive and in the future years, a more refined version of the glass balustrade would be used. This particular glass, till now, has been providing the desired result.


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