Advantages of Using Double-Membrane Biogas Balloon

When biogas is harvested it has to be stored somewhere so that it can be used for future purposes. This is where the double membrane biogas balloon comes in handy. The balloons make sure that the gas is stored under the right temperature and accurate pressure. In this article, you are going to know how the balloons work and at the same time know its advantages.

Brief Introduction of the Double Membrane Biogas Solar Balloon

The double membrane biogas ground balloon is composed of an outer biogas fabric and inner and floor membranes forming the actual gas space. A continuously running auxiliary air fan blows air into the space between the inner and outer diaphragms and maintains the gas pressure at a constant level regardless of the gas supply and output.In its standard configuration, a specially built flat-pressure blower blends high operational protection with optimum profitability. In case you are looking to buy biogas fabric, biogas manufacturers and biogas suppliers have the best materials.

In this way, the operating pressure of the double membrane biogas balloon mounted on the ground remains constant, regardless of the amount of gas taken in or out. The supporting air helps to maintain the shape of the outer biogas fabric. This allows the biogas cylinder to withstand external loads such as wind or snow. Exactly at the same time, the inner layer is also under slight pressure. This "working pressure" is used to recirculate the biogas stored in the plant.

The gas charging and discharge pipes are cast into concrete foundations, which are usually supplied by the biogas fabric suppliers. Then all three membranes are fixed to the foundation using an anchor ring. The safety valve prevents the overpressure of the gasholder on the gas side. To maintain constant pressure in the biogas cylinder, a pressure regulating valve is installed in the air. The valve can be bought from biogas fabric manufacturers. Fill levels are measured using ultrasonic and wire length measuring systems. System safety, reliability, and ease of operation are top priorities in product design and manufacturing.

Advantages of the Double Membrane Biogas balloon:

- Capacity 50 - 20,000 m3

- Fast installation

- Long service life

- Unique membrane fabrics

- Equipment Integration Management Systems

- Meet customer requirements

- Low capital cost compared to steel gas storage tanks

Double membrane biogas balls are made exclusively from advanced structural biogas fabrics and are designed as membranes to ensure both structural (climatic) stability and impermeable gas storage. Metals are not used, except for the fastening connecting the membranes to the concrete base plate. The double membrane biogas land balloons are fully equipped to measure and control the storage process.

When it comes to selecting the best biogas fabric for your project, then getting them from specialized biogas fabric manufacturers and biogas fabric suppliers will give you more benefits like cost-saving and getting quality materials.

The biogas cylinders can be used in (for example, solid waste treatment facilities, wastewater treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants, agricultural waste treatment projects, and agricultural and industrial biogas plants.


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