Things You Should Always Keep in Mind While Cleaning Stone Based Floor

There is nothing more luxurious and comfortable than having your floor covered with stone blocks. Natural stones are long-lasting and require less maintenance. However, necessary cleaning and maintenance rules should be followed to make sure the stone does not lose its lustre.

Here are some guidelines regarding natural stone cleaner and it's proper usage to ensure that the stone is preserved correctly.

l What Type Stone do you have in your Floor?

Before you get started with the cleaning process by using different cleaning material, you should assess whether the stone is suitable for the chemical that will be applied. For instance, not all granite stones are prone to last for a long time.

Some marbles get easily damaged by acidic reactions. The porcelain and tumbled travertine are more porous that they are usually considered to be. So, before you proceed further and start applying natural stone cleaning products, get to know whether the stone will be able to resist that or not.

l Always Use a Micro-fibre Cloth Instead of Cotton Mop

It is recommended for you to choose micro-fibre cloth instead of using a cotton mop for cleaning the stone floor. Stone experts always suggest you go for micro-fibre based cloth for stone cleaning as these clothes don’t leave any residue any floor after the swipe that the cotton wipes do. 

It has been seen over the time that cotton mops leave residue on the stonework tile floors, especially on the grout. On the contrary, if you take the help of micro-fibre based cloth, use natural stone floor cleaner for cleaning up, it will be easy for wiping out the same dirt from the grout.  

l Don’t Use Vacuum Cleaners with Plastic Attachments

You might not realise apparently that what the plastic attachments of your vacuum cleaners can do to your stone surface. Even the metal attachments are similarly dangerous. As you use these attachments to rub on the stone floor, a little pressure may leave a scratch on the floor. Using the natural stone cleaning products with a damp cloth will be enough.

l Choose the Right Cleaning Product

Don't use harsh chemicals on your stone floor under any condition. The stone might resist the very first wipe, but you never know how the harsh chemicals are continuously damaging the stone floor, rubbing off its natural lustre.

If you are not sure about which cleaning product to choose, it is better to ask the expert instead of going by your own instinct. They will suggest you the best natural stone cleaner in the market that helps you to maintain the lustre of your stone based floor.

l Dry Sweep the Floor Instead of Mopping

This is one of the strategies you can put to use for maintaining the stone floor. If there is dry soil on the floor, mopping with water may worsen the situation. Dry sweeping once  a day keep the dry soil at bay and prevent from getting stored on the grout.

Select the cleaning material wisely. Don’t forget to know all the features and attributes of the cleaner. Also, you should pick something which is not high pricey for your budget. 


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