What Are The Top Most Benefits Of Using Travertine Pavers For Outdoor And Indoor Areas?

Travertine is a natural stone that comes in a variety of colours and shapes. It is alluring and safe for families besides it is sophisticated in its composition. It has an original antique and appealing look. Travertine is a softer stone. 

Travertine paver installation can be done almost in all indoor and outdoor flooring, wall coverings, and surface treatments that are suitable for the intended use. Travertine pavers available in Sydney have decorative appearances, and their long life is another reason for its popularity.

Advantages of Travertine Pavers

Here are some key benefits of travertine pavers you should keep in mind as you pick out what suits you

1.Durability :

Despite travertine's perforated and soft texture, its hardihood makes it long-lasting. Being a natural stone, it does not fade or grow cracks after the placement of travertine pavers. The colours you see with travertine such as brown, white, beige, and yellow are a result of iron oxide and hydroxide content present in it. It can serve you for decades without losing its adorable touch.

2.Eco-friendly :

Travertine paver is all-natural, it is processed through the natural geothermal process. Any kind of industrial/chemical processing is not involved so the harm is negligible and the excavation and finishing of travertine do not cause as much damage to the environment. The natural compositions make it highly favorable for outdoor and indoor flooring.

3.Affordable :

When you put into consideration the quality and benefits that travertine pavers provide, then you realize that the cost is much cheaper. Today natural stones are counted as economical flooring and coating material because of the increase in production and variety.

4.Versality :

There are a wide variety of travertine pavers in Sydney. Travertine pavers come in multiple variant colours, tones, designs, patterns, and shades and are easily available for the buyers to choose from. Travertine pavers come with various types of flooring. The four major types of travertine tile flooring include 

  • Polished 
  • Tumbled
  • Brushed
  • Honed

5.Easy Maintenance :

To preserve travertine pavers in good condition for years, you have to remove dust regularly and clean with water. Do not use salt water because as per experts it spoils travertine stone’s finishing and easily fades its natural colour.

The use of neutral cleaning agents when it comes to cleaning travertine pavers in Sydney. Another way is to seal it for durability.

6.Safe :

Travertine pavers available in Sydney feel cool under your feet in hot weather also, making it great for patios and pool areas. As a result of freezing or thawing travertine does not suffer any damage when it’s sealed even in the winter season.

7.Natural non-slippery texture :

In addition, being highly water and moisture repellent travertine paver is also a slip-resistance. So, they will provide a safe walking and play surface area too.

The primary reason for non-slip is the porous surface of travertine.

8.Ease of installation :

Travertine is accessible to install because it can be cut easily. The installers can use them easily for odd shapes and small spaces. Since the travertine pavers installation is smooth it will go faster and will cost less money. That continues to bring down the overall cost of travertine flooring.

9.Beautiful appearance : 

Travertine is one of the most gorgeous stones; it has a natural weathered look that is both timeless and elegant. It contributes to the rustic vibe depending upon how you use it in your décor.


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