Products for Indoor Dog Breeds

When thinking of products for indoor dogs breeds the one that pops in the mind is dog food. Most of the indoor dog breeds are small dogs. The small dogs need to live on a different amount of nutrients compared to the large breeds. The need for small dogs should be taken care of appropriately. The indoor dogs are reserved for staying at home rather than large dogs. Let us take a look at how the indoor dogs are to be fed and some products for indoor dog breeds.

The Relationship Between Size and Diet

The size of the dog plays a huge role in what you feed the dog and how often you feed them. You may think that all the dogs are the same and can be fed the same way. But it is not true. The smaller dogs have a specific requirement that is related to their size. This is the same as in humans. Think of a friend who is feet tall and another who is 5 feet tall. The calorie requirement and other nutritional requirements including fat, protein, carbohydrates, and fats differ for both.  

What to Feed the Small Breed Dog?

When you feed the small dog make sure that you give the best food that is available with health and natural ingredients. Here are some points to feed a small dog.

Moderate Portion Size: the small dogs have a smaller tummy compared to the larger breeds. Follow the portion size that is given on the back of the food packet. Check with your vet to choose the right product for your dog. Don’t listen to the pleas for more feed from your dog. Beware that indoor dogs have small throats compared to that of a larger dog. Also, they will have small teeth and lesser power in the jaw. Hence make sure that you give them kibbles that are smaller in size and are easy to bite. Chewing the kibble should not make your dog tired.

Wet Food for Small Dogs

One of the most popular products for dogs is wet pet food. Wet is more effective for indoor dogs compared to that dry food. Choose high-quality food that is similar to human food in quality. The best-wet dog food from Thailand consists of premium human-grade ingredients that are free of grain and rich in protein. The various advantages of wet food are it is more appetizing, more filling, has very few additives, and is easy to chew. If you want a therapeutic formula, they provide that too. If you want you can customize the ingredients and packaging according to your dog needs.

Dry Food

The dry food for dogs is the go-to on a daily basis. You have to get the best dry food for dogs with premium ingredients and all nutrients. Dry dog food has to be formulated based on the needs of the dog. Dogs of different stages have different nutrients and the small breed dogs need what they need. Dog food Thailand provides customized solutions for smaller dogs. They make the size of the kibbles smaller and easier to chew. The dog kibbles are available in various sizes and like round, heart, donut, dice, dumbbell, and much more.

Dog Treats

Dogs love to show their skill when you reward them with some chew and treats. The treats have to be as healthy as that of the main diet. Dog treats from Thailand are made of premium quality and the best ingredients. The treats also are customized according to the size of the dog.

Bottom line

The smaller breeds or the indoor dog breeds need a different set of nutrients and as a good dog parent get them what they need from the provider of pet foods in Thailand.


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