5 Amazing Facts about Pets

Understanding the nature and behaviour of your best companions can sometimes become confusing. The way they behave, play, seek attention from parents and everything, is extremely fascinating. We might sometimes wonder at some of the things they do. Why does your dog always outrun you? Does your cat have a great memory? You might think of all these and look at them with total admiration. Every action that a cat or a dog does has a reason behind it. Their body responds completely differently than that of a human body to happening in the environment. In this post let us look at 5 fascinating facts about pets that will leave astonished and amazed.

Why is the Dog’s Nose Wet?

This is one of the long asked questions by the dog owners have; why is a dog’s nose wet? The dog’s nose is wet to help them absorb the scent of chemicals. The dogs secrete special mucus. This special mucus helps them to capture the chemical resulting in smell. The dogs then lick their noses to sample them and understand what the smell is. This nature of the dogs makes them the best resort to find something in the crime branch.

The Dogs Contain Nose Prints

Just as humans have unique fingerprints the dogs have unique nose prints. According to the Canadian Kennel Club, these unique nose prints for the identification of dogs since 1938. In the modern world, software is developed to identify the dogs based on their nose prints. The AI-driven pattern recognition model captures the nose prints and classifies them by taking pictures of the dog’s snout. This helps a lot in urban pet management and insurance. This also helps to identify the lost dogs without any hustle and bustle.

The Cat’s Whiskers are not for Cuteness

The whiskers of your cat that you stare at and shout “how cute” are just not to project them cute but they have a purpose. The whiskers of cats are not just present on the topmost surface of the skin. It is deeply embedded below the top surface of the skin. The whiskers of the cats possess a sensory organ called the proprioceptor. This constantly communicates information about the surroundings of their muscular and nervous system. Cats employ their whiskers to determine the distance and space resulting in a graceful jump. With the help of whiskers, they can sense even the slightest change in their environment.

Another interesting thing is that you can tell the mood of your cat just by looking at their whiskers. Are the whiskers straight and still? Then they're happy and calm. If the whiskers are pushed forward then your cat is curious. On the flip side if it is pushed back then you are seeing a scaredy-cat.

Dogs Have Three Eyelids

Many dog owners won’t have heard of this interesting fact but a dog has three eyelids. The third eyelid of the dog is called a haw or nictitating membrane. This is responsible to keep the eyes protected and lubricated. You can see that dog’s eyes are always bouncy and big and all because of the third eyelid.

Cats Spend Most of Their Life Sleeping

If you have a pet cat then you might have noticed this trend of cats. The cats sleep 70 percent of their lifetime. This accounts for around 13 to 16 hours a day. Don’t get fuming about a cat’s life. The cats need the best food because, during sleep, the metabolism works well to build cells.

Bottom Line

The pets are complicated creatures to understand but whatever they do (not messing with the house) makes us happy and brings a smile to our face. If you want to ensure a long and healthy life for your pets, get the best food from one of the best pet food manufacturers.


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