How is Hris Enterprise System Is Helpful in Digital HR Transformation?

What is HRIS?

Running a business is often a very difficult task, and it has undergone various changes . With intensive competition coming from all directions, you may need to produce essentially the most out of what you've got, and that features your staff. That is where the HRIS enterprise system comes into play. HRIS stands for Human Resource Information system, and HRIS software permits you to take care of all your HR needs using a single piece of software program.

It helps you in tracking employee attendance payroll, and overall performance. HRIS for enterprise will make it much easier to manage the employees. This will save your time switching between systems and seeking out specific information. You can configure payroll, benefits, track the performance examination of an employee, set schedules, track days off, as well as management training systems. In short, HRIS  would be helpful in digital hr transformation.

What is Digital HR Transformation?
HR digital transformation is the process of changing operational HR processes to become automated and data-driven.HR digital transformation is transforming HR functions to be automated, using data to guide all areas of human resources.

How is HRIS Helpful in Digital HR Transformation? 

  • Payroll: Payroll automates the payment process of employees. Relevant Data is entered into this system sometimes combined with time & attendance data and at the end of the month, payment orders are created.
  • Employee Self-Service: Employee self-service is an important aspect. Organizations are increasingly focusing on managing the data of employees through software. Their Requests like holidays can be asked for by the employee him/herself. After approval the data is immediately saved into the system (and registered to track for payroll and benefits purposes).
  • Performance Management: Performance management is a key for managing people. Performance of the employees is observed and  ratings are generated by the direct manager or peers of the employee.
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS). HRIS for Enterprise: handles the company’s recruiting needs. It tracks candidate information and resumes, enables recruiters to match job openings to suitable candidates from the company’s application pool, and helps in guiding the hiring process.
  • HR Strategy: The HRIS enables tracking data required to advance digital HR transformation and business strategy. Different data needs to be tracked depending on the priorities of the organization. This is where the HRIS comes in.
  • Digital HR:  Ability to offer digital HR to employees and managers. This enables employees to manage their own affairs. The HRIS can offer a good employee experience.
  • Benefits: Another functionality of the HRIS is benefits management. Employee benefits are an important aspect of compensation and are also managed in this system. More advanced systems offer an employee self-service model for employee benefits. In this case, employees can select the benefits they are looking for themselves. One may want more paternity leave, the other one a more expensive company car. This self-service approach to benefits is also called a cafeteria model.
  • Training: Learning and development is a key element when it comes to employee management. HRIS allows HR to track the qualifications, certification, and skills of the employees, as well as an outline of available courses for company employees. This is referred to as an LMS, or Learning Management System when it’s a stand-alone. An LMS usually includes available e-learning and other courses to be followed by employees.
  • Succession Planning: Creating a talent pipeline and having replacements available for key roles in the organization is another key component of an HRIS.

Reporting & Analytics: Modern systems enable the creation of automated HR reports on various topics like employee turnover, absence, performance, and more. Analytics involves the analysis of this data for better-informed decision making. We’ll explain more about this in the section below.

It truly is an effective technique for eliminating hours of hassle and headache. HRIS enterprise system is actually a one-piece application that can help you in digital hr transformation and get the most out of your company.


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