Mistakes You Should Avoid Before Selecting The Best Solar Company In Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the states where residents receive sunlight throughout the year. This is why most of the residents nowadays prefer to install a solar power system at their home. Another reason why people want to go solar is the rise in power bills. If you are someone who is also planning to install solar panels at your home and don't have any idea related to it, then don't worry because we have done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is read and make the right choices and decisions.

Key benefits of installing solar panels:

  • Solar panels tend to reduce the power bills by 70%
  • Installing solar gives you the freedom to spend your money on the things you love, which are definitely not power bills.
  • Solar reduces your dependence on fossil fuels and is a renewable energy source
  • Solar has improved the lives of many homeowners 

Here are the things you should keep in mind:

1) Not getting multiple quotes

Most of the people tend to commit this mistake as they avoid taking various quotes from various service providers and companies. As you are going to invest your money, it is your right to get quotes, so don't ever feel ashamed. There is benefit in having sections from multiple companies as you get to know the variation in the cost of solar, you get the idea which solar fits right in your budget and whether you will pay the right price for the quality.

2) Not knowing the difference between the solar rebate and solar feed-in tariffs

Most of the buyers get confused between the two. So, here is a simple explanation for you. Solar rebate acts like a discount on the cost of a solar system, and it is claimed by your solar installer on your behalf. While the feed-in tariff is paid by your electricity retailer for feeding back the excess solar to the grid. So, before you choose a company, ask them various questions related to how both these things work. If they fail to satisfy you with their answers, then don't pick them as your solar panel installer.

3) A requirement of solar panel

Obviously, you ain't an expert in installing, buying and choosing the right solar panel or power system. But, the companies in the market are, so let them suggest the number of solar panels you require after inspecting your roof space. As the price of solar installation has fallen, but it doesn't mean you will cover your entire roof with solar panels. 

Some of the other things you should keep in mind before selecting the best solar company in Brisbane:

  • Make sure you look for a CEC-accredited company.
  • The company is a signatory to the CEC's code of conduct.
  • It holds experience and running the business for a while.
  • It has a good reputation in the market.
  • The company provides suitable, affordable and durable solar power and panel systems.

So, these were some of the suggestions from our side and hoped we helped you in choosing the best solar company in Brisbane.


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