How To Optimize Your Call Details Records Successfully?

When a person makes a phone call in an inquiry of some kind a call detail record is made to analyze who made the call, from where it was made, and access various data. This can be used for various functions like to improve business, follow leads, and identify any attack. The CDR has become one of the most vital pieces of evidence in restructuring a crime scene and pinpointing the suspects. The CDR has provided a helping hand in solving various criminal cases. It also helps in fighting terror threats to society. Government agencies make use of CDR analysis software to solve many cases and keep a track of the suspects.

Complete and accurate data

The data recorded by the CDR has to be accurate and complete to get invaluable insights into a case. The CDR analysis software will create a pattern and fill any possible gap in the data. Specialized algorithms are done to do the same. The files can be easily audited by the CDR software and show its location. It also handles duplicate files very effectively and makes sure the data is reported only once. The CDR analysis software has multiple features that generate various reports for caller detail optimization.

Optimizing CDR

The call detailed records are available from mobile network operators, the bills, and the cell sites that were used to make the calls. The call data records show the following:

  • Date of the call
  • Time at which call was made
  • The duration of the call
  • The number that made the call
  • The number receiving the call
  • IMEI (international mobile equipment Identity)
  • CI (the cell cite identity number

This information may be invaluable in establishing a relationship between the defendants or determining the range of locations. With cell site analysis you can accurately pinpoint the exact geographical location. Combining this with other pieces of evidence you can construct a conclusive argument.

What data is recovered?

Using CDR analysis you can retrieve both live and deleted data from the phone. SMS, email, call history, photos, internet history, and bookmarks can be detected through the analysis.

Tips to optimize your caller detail records:

Request for removal of “call details” from your cell phone bills

You may contact your cell phone service provider and request that you don’t want bills that detail the duration of calls made and received, the phone numbers that you call, or the phone numbers of the people who call you.

Deactivate online access to your cell phone account

Inform your mobile service provider that you want to have access to your account via the internet, request them to deactivate your online account.

Do not give your cell-phone number to the general public

Don’t just give your personal number to anyone who asks. Be sure that you know all of the people to whom you give your cell phone number, and that you are in possession of contact information. You have to be aware of the person that you are giving the number won’t misuse it in any way.

Bottom line 

You have to make sure that your phone details are highly safe and secure. In case a data breach occurs, the CDR analysis can be performed using powerful software to identify the culprit behind the crime. Various government organizations are using this to protect people and safeguard their valuable data.


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