Choosing The Suitable Types Of The Basin For Your Bathroom

There is no denying to the fact that basins are the basic requirement in every bathroom irrespective of its size. There are many sizes, designs, colours available in the bathroom basins. It is not an easy task to choose a  perfect basin. And, if you are finding it hard to decide on the type of bathroom basins available in Sydney, we are here to help with that. 

Different types of bathroom basins in Sydney:

1. Countertop Basin

As the name suggests, this bathroom basin is mounted directly on the surface level. Most of the theatres and hotels have countertop basins placed in the bathroom, and they are popularly known as vessel sinks. 

Pros: It is placed directly over the counter and thus gets attention. Also, the installation process is easy. Moreover, these basins are deep and can collect plenty of water.

Cons: Bathroom basins of this type have durability and sustainability issues because the edge is exposed, and if you use them more frequently, cracks and damage are possible. Material is costly, and the person using it may face a problem if they have a short height. 

2. Under Counter Basin

This one is the desired choice for homeowners who want a trendy look. Undercounter basins do not have rims like the top mount basins, and it sits below the counter.

Pros: These bathroom basins are easy to clean as it is entirely underneath the counter. So, if water gets spilled over the counter, you can wipe it directly into the washbasin.

Cons: Undercounter basins are often costly, and their installation is not easy. It is possible only with rigid surfaces like stones.

3. Semi-recessed basin

If you don't have enough room but still you like to add on some cabinets below your basin for storage, this bathroom basin might be suitable for you.

Pros: This basin will allow extra space in your compact bathroom to keep cosmetics and products.

Cons: The storage space underneath is limited in this basin, and there is no benchtop on the front side to catch water. Spills over the floor are more common if you have children in your home.

4. Wall-mount basin

As the name says, wall-mount basins are mounted directly to the wall without occupying any floor space. 

Pros: The height of this bathroom basin can vary. Also, it makes your bathroom look bigger without the need for any counter. 

Cons: It does not have any big cons, just that you have to get a cabinet installed for storage purposes.

5. Pedestal Basin

Pedestal type is different from others, as you can't install it on the countertop. It is mounted on the floor and has a narrow base. Families with compact bathrooms do not prefer such bathroom basins in Sydney.

Pros: It will help you conceal your pipework in between. It looks very stylish if installed in large-sized bathrooms. 

Cons: It does not provide you with options of cabinets, desk, or any storage under it, as it takes up floor space. Usually, there is a small gap between the basin and walls, which is a barrier in cleaning.

So now that you are aware of all the pros and cons of different types of bathroom basins available in Sydney markets, you just have to check out your room style and pick a suitable one from the list. 


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