Compliment Your Door With The Mortise Locks

When you make a home for yourself and your family, the first thing that you want for them is to keep them safe and secure. You must select the most strong and durable material for building your house as well as the one that adds aesthetic value to it. The doors and windows that are installed in the house need to have a proper smart lock system.

You must have heard about the use of mortise locks nowadays to protect the properties from intruders. These are the special types of locks that are not installed directly in a doorknob. The hollowed out section of your door is used for the installation of mortise locks. This uniqueness of these locks is what makes them fit to be used by you. Moreover, it is extremely easy nowadays to find good mortise lock suppliers. You just need to search on Google and type ‘best mortise locks in India and you will be able to see all the agencies that provide these services in the search results.

Benefits of using mortise locks

  • Advanced level of security 

Any burglar would find it extremely difficult to enter your house because they are extremely hard to open. They are designed with more complexity as compared to the traditional cylindrical locks. This is also because they are fitted directly into the door itself. Make sure that you contact a qualified mortise lock manufacturer who will provide you with the best quality locks. 

These locks require a very large amount of force to be broken. What special feature is exhibited by mortise locks is that if anyone wants to open the door, the keys should be used on both interior and exterior sides of the lock. Now, this is a time-consuming process and it will be difficult for any thief or criminal to crash into your house.

  • Wide range of sizes

There is a wide range of sizes for the mortise locks. The different range of patterns and sizes available make it easy for customers to select the best possible size according to their needs. Whether you have a smaller or larger door, you will find the exact size of mortise locks for your house. 

Usually, there are a lot of size issues with other locks. The traditional cylindrical locks are available in a standard size only and are fitted directly into the doorknob. Now if these locks are installed on the doors that are not of standard size then it will affect the aesthetics of the door. Therefore, mortise locks offer you this flexibility to do aesthetic customization. There is also a chance of installation of larger faceplates on the doors.

  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal

The mortise lock manufacturers make sure that they create a product that adds more value to the aesthetics of your door and house as well as keeps it sound and safe. They offer great flexibility to their customers. There are a lot of designs and sizes available in mortise locks as compared to the cylindrical locks. The antique and classy style of mortise locks makes them one of the best choices for your house. Your one-time investment in mortise locks will keep you safe in the long run. Make sure that you choose wisely. 

The benefit of having such strong and smart locks is that you do not have to worry constantly about the safety of your home while you are out on a vacation or have gone for a business trip. You can run your several errands while you are away from your home.


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