7 Measures To Ensure Fire Safety In Office Areas

Fire safety is always top priority for offices. Fire can trigger at any time. Precaution is your best prevention. Firewalls and equipment prove helpful.

You need to consider equipment that offers physical safety. Hire expert team to make your office fire safe.

  • Installing service fire extinguisher is must
  • Only select safety methods that offer high security
  • Regular fire safety drills are important

There are safety tips that you can follow in your premise.  These tips prove helpful for any office premise.

1. Safe escape route

This is where installing emergency & exit lighting is helpful. You have to provide with easy escape route for your staff. This depends on the occupancy scale. You need to follow occupancy rules, depending on the size of the premise.

Ensure that corridors and staircases are always maintained in top condition. There should not be any obstacles in the path to escape route. You can secure the route by installing service fire extinguisher at different locations.

Emergency & Exit Lighting
Emergency & Exit Lighting

2. Outline escape route

Outlining escape route is important. You can highlight the route using colored LED lights. This will ensure the staff diverts to a safe location.

Using emergency & exit lighting is mandatory. This will guide the workers to a safe location. The task is critical if you have multi-floor office premise. Luminescent signage proves more beneficial.

3. Smoke detectors

Even if you are using service fire extinguisher, smoke detectors are important. The device will help detect fire early in time. It sends out warning signal to the workers. 

When installing smoke detectors, you may have to consider the building codes. This proves helpful in spotting fire.

4. Use smoke suppressing system

Smoke suppressors are better devices. Emergency & exit lighting are helpful in guiding your path to a safe location. Extinguishers are useful only if accessible. Suppressors will help in killing out the fire. It helps prevent fire from spreading.

So, if you have a system installed, always check it regular. Mock drills can are best to conduct on regular basis.

5. Staff training

You can train your staff to react during fire. Mock drills are important. Train your staff to use service fire extinguisher by conducting drill sessions.

It is more important to train the staff for emergency evacuation of the premise. This way you can ensure your staff is well prepared.

6. Fire resistant material

For office premise you should use fire resistant material. Where you install emergency & exit lighting fire resistant wood is best. Quality fabric that reduces flames, are available in the market. You can cover the walls with this fabric type.

Fire resistant material is expensive, but is better choice. It prevents fire from spreading indoors. They offer extra safety. You can install them even when using service fire extinguisher. 

The material should be self extinguishing type. 

7. Offer accessibility to fire fighters

You can illuminate the corridors with emergency & exit lighting. Outdoor access for fire fighters is must. The team needs a safe access point, indoors and outdoors.

Ensure the access points are spacious. You have to focus on the building plan as well. Let experts design the interiors of your office.


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