Explore the Unexplored Places in Mumbai by Renting a Bike

Mumbai is a city of dreams but often ends up becoming a city of distress. The hustle and bustle, the rush-hour traffic, and pollution add to the woes of the people. And this is why the people in Mumbai are always on the search for the best place to take a break. Everyone knows about the gateway of India and the elephant caves but it is not something new. One thing that many fail to see is that Mumbai is a place of mystery that holds many secret places that is a personification of nature. To discover the undiscovered places of Mumbai hire luxury bikes on rent in Mumbai of your choice and plan a road trip this weekend.

A list of hidden places in Mumbai

Mumbai is sure to surprise and stun you with breathtaking places on a bike trip to get closer to nature. Let us take a look at some of the hidden places in Mumbai that is the epitome of nature, culture, heritage, and more.

  • Banaganga (Bannaganga)

This place is a scenic beauty that is known among artists and filmmakers mostly. It is a water tank that dates back to 1120 AD with a mythological history of origin. It is believed that this is the place where Lord Ram felt thirsty and his Brother Laxman shot an arrow that is a bana into the ground to make for the tributary holy Ganges River giving the name Banaganga.

  • Chota Kashmir

Also known by the Aarey colony, the Chota Kashmir is one of the best-hidden places in Mumbai that is stunningly perfect for weekend trips. It offers you the fresh taste of lush natural greenery. One special point about this place is that it has a tree planted by Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India.

  • Carter road

The carter is like a mini version of the marine drive. Though it may not have the charm and glamour of marine drive, it is worth visiting if you want to have a different experience than that of the marine drive. Hire the best superbikes on rent in Mumbai and visit this promenade which has the best restaurants, food stalls, and pubs in the city. The lovely sea breeze and the gorgeous view of the sea is a stress buster for sure. Musical fests are held in the place that is sure to jazz up the sea view.

  • Sewri jetty

One of the most popular yet unexplored places in Mumbai is the Sewri Jetty. In between the month of October and March you can see picturesque mudflats and mangrove swamps to which flamingos flock in tons. Around 20000 flamingoes descend here during the winter making it a hotspot for bird watchers and tourists. Is there any better place to schedule a road trip in winter? A diverse range of birds including Gull-billed Tern, Western Reef Egret, Gulls, Curlew Sandpiper, and more can be found here.

  • Dahanu beach

The Dahanu beach is a must-visit place for tranquility and peace of mind. This is located near the national highway 8 and is filled with beautiful gardens and orchards. The golden sand accentuates the beauty. This is a perfect place for taking a bike trip this weekend.

Bottom line

Mumbai has tons of undiscovered places that are waiting to be explored. Hire a superbike on rent and go for a trip that is full of surprises and stunning places.


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