How do I choose the best study abroad consultant in Kerala?

Finding the right overseas educational consultant in Kerala or anywhere else could be a tough task. With all the consultancies claiming to be the best in the market, you must do your due diligence before choosing one.

Thousands of students depend on global educational consultants to help them get into their dream college abroad. The decision of choosing the consultant can make your dream come true. 

Here are certain things to look out for when choosing an educational consultancy in Kerala

  • Make sure the abroad study consultancy is licensed and has good experience in the industry. 
  • An educational consultancy is ought to give you full assistance right from choosing the right college to the visa application.
  • Enquire about the additional services and coaching they provide and compare it with the other consultancies in the market.
  • Seek feedback from the students who have received their services.
  • Do thorough research before choosing any package offered by the consultant. 
  • Check whether the consultancy is handled by just one person or a team of experts. 
  • Do a complete background check on the authenticity of the consultant.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right One?

It is very important to choose the right overseas education consultants in Kerala, after all, your whole career is at stake. Choosing the right consultant is the defining step of which college you are getting into. Therefore, it is the decision that must be taken with utmost care. 

Here is why choosing the right consultant is important – 

Expertise in the Industry

Choosing one among the best global education consultants in Kerala will provide you with the experience and expertise they've gained over the years. Different colleges have different application processes and different countries have different visa requirements; the best consultants have all of this information at their fingertips. 

Proper Coaching

Good consultants provide coaching and additional briefing to students. They'll identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses. A genuine consultant also promotes student's interaction and talks about their areas of interest and hobbies so that students can engage in such activities on the university campus. 

The Best College for You 

Many consultants only try to push you to the universities they have a contract with. With such consultants, you might lose your chance of getting admission to top universities, even though you academically qualify for them.  

Therefore, you must choose a consultancy that makes your priority theirs and consider your suggestions.

Proper Visa Assistance 

Different countries have different visa requirements, you should go to only those overseas education consultants in Kerala that have complete knowledge and expertise in procuring visas of any country. Because you cannot afford to have your visa rejected once you’ve been enrolled in the university. 

Better Selection Rate

A genuine educational consultancy truly cares about your career. Consultants who make their students go through harsh screening tests are well prepared to ace university interviews.  

Additional coaching by best consultants increases the rate of success and chances of selection in elite universities.  


Bonafide educational consultancies in Kerala are transparent about the fee structure of the college and have no hidden costs. They are straightforward and will assist you in getting into the best college based on your grades.

In conclusion, there are hundreds of global education consultants in Kerala, but out of hundred, there are only a few that are bona fide, rest are just trying to strike a deal with you.  

Only choose the consultant that has good word of mouth and has the best success rate in the application process and visa procurement. If you don't find the consultant trustworthy, stop wasting your time there. You must be very careful every step of the way because it is your career that is on the line.


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