Sealing Solutions For Food And Beverage

Sealing food and beverage comes with its own list of problems. Different types of food have different requirements for sealing solutions. It has become a complex task to choose the right sealing solution for food and beverage. Especially, when there is always the fear of transferring aroma, spillage of food, and strict safety standards.  

When it comes to food and beverages, the regulations are more stringent. Therefore, having an equilibrium between efficient sealing and regulatory requirements is challenging. However, there are high technology mechanical sealing solutions like metal wiper seals available to cater the needs of the food and beverage industry.

What are the benefits of the efficient installation of a sealing solution?

Avoid product loss and cost associated with it 

Using obsolete sealing solutions in your facility can lead to product loss and other overhead costs. There is a wide range of wiper and bonded seals available to prevent the liquid or solid from escaping or leaking. 

Extensive product rage

There are various wiper and bonded seal suppliers who tailor-made sealing solutions for different applications. 

Lesser downtime and maintenance of equipment

Installing the sealing which is hi-tech and is tailored to field application requirements faces lesser downtime and low breakaway. Proper installation of sealing also doesn’t need frequent maintenance. 

Safety and sanitation

Safety and sanitation are paramount in the food and beverage industry. When sealing equipment, things like leaking from the pump, mixer, and blender are some of the biggest problems.

The efficient installation of sealing solutions can avoid all safety and sanitation hazards.  

No risk of slip

With leaking liquid on the floor there is always a risk of slipping. Using an efficient and resilient sealing solution once and for all would completely avoid such accidents. 

No growth of bacteria

There are several products when in the manufacturing stage are kept in a highly controlled environment. Having good metal wiper seals is beneficial in sustaining high pressure and dynamic conditions to prevent the growth of bacteria and culture.

Bonded and Wiper seals

Bonded seals – Bonded seals are made with metallic rings with rubber sealing to sustain high-pressure. Bonded seals are made up of a metal washer and elastomeric ring to reduce compressions. 

Benefits of bonded seals

  • It is resilient to high temperatures. 
  • It can accommodate high pressure and can operate in any environmental condition. 
  • Operating reliability and optimization of shocks. 

Wiper seals – Wiper seals are used to protect food or beverage in a hydraulic cylinder. It prevents dirt and moisture from affecting the solution. Therefore, avoiding the contamination in the cylinder is the primary motive of wiper seals.

Benefits of wiper seals

  • Prevention against the growth of bacteria. 
  • No prolonged downtimes and minimal breakaways.
  • Wiper seal suppliers cater to the need of different diameters if required.

With extensive sealing solutions, it quite often becomes difficult to choose the right material and right diameter for your sealing. Therefore, when looking for a sealing solution, it is important to seek expert advice and reach out to only reliable and experienced sealing suppliers. Both wiper and bonded seals have their own significance, but they are efficient when installed in the right place and at the right time. 

Choosing the right bonded seal supplier is important for both your operations and efficiency. You shouldn't hesitate in taking the time to choose the right sealing solution for your business. Be it bonded or wiper always ensure safe, efficient, and correct installation. 


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