What does a Basic Car Repair and Maintenance Include?

Cars that we own require regular maintenance and immediate repair just to run smoothly. Having the best mechanic at work for your car will not fall into places if you are irregular with your car maintenance schedule. This is particularly important because, irrespective of whether you drive regularly or not, there is always a certain amount of wear and tear in any of the other part and accessories of the car. Basic car repair and maintenance would include routine check-up, replacement of parts and accessories, and many essential things that contribute to enhanced efficiency.

Every automobile requires to undergo basic auto repairs and maintenance in Burwood. The reason remains the same- ensure higher efficiency. But people seem to be confused about the number of parameters. They believe that if the vehicle is not driven so frequently, then it will not need maintenance or repair. This is wrong.

The professionals associated with the industry and knowledge about the nitty-gritty of auto repairs in Burwood say that the repair and maintenance of the vehicle depend on two things- the distance traversed by the vehicle or after a specified amount of time as prescribed by the manufacturer. Therefore, the manufacturer says that the first service of the vehicle is to be done after driving 'X' kilometres or 'n' days whichever is earlier. 

The following are some of the basic things that a typical car repair and servicing include—

  • Oil Change

The oils used in brake and engine is different. The viscosity of these two oils changes with usage because of the temperature. Ensuring that these two remains as prescribed by the manufacturer would ascertain the longevity of your vehicle. Therefore, routine maintenance works include oil change in different places. Also, experts look out for the wear and tear associated with such parts that house oil.

  • Change of Brake Shoe

Brakes are the most essential part of the car. Without the brakes, you are nowhere going to go. The mechanics with training in auto repairs in Burwood check out for the same thoroughly. They ensure that the brake shoe and other components associated are properly functioning and replace the same if required.

  • Tyre Check

Wear and tear of the tyres are very common, and it can be in any form. Excessive usage would lead to the degradation of the treads which would later lead to your vehicle not getting a proper grip. Also, if you are not driving and keeping it at a place, the tyre surface develops cracks that are considered detrimental from the safety perspective. Therefore, if you have a car, ensure you reach out to the reputed car service centre that will conduct this checking thoroughly.

It would also include an air pressure check and wheel alignment for better efficiency.

  • Checking Electrical Wires, Connectors, and Hoses

You need to continue getting information about your vehicle. Also, you must ensure that you have the proper lights while driving at night. Therefore, the professionals at work, in their maintenance and auto repairs in Burwood charter, ascertain that thoroughly check the entire electrical setting and wiring with detailing.


The above-mentioned are some of the basic activities that most auto repairs and maintenance centres cater to. Ascertain that while your car is in the shop, it has undergone all the basics checking and repairs for the smooth functioning.


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