Here are top maintenance tips for concrete steps of your home!

Concrete steps are part of every other structure on the planet. With specific measures, you can avoid the major expense. Here are tips for fixing concrete steps or preserving them.

Basic simple measures

  • To get rid of dirty footprints and other abrasive material that will wear down the surface of the steps and can be tracked into the house to do worse damage, keep concrete steps well swept, and hose them down suggests a technician from Polishing concrete stairs Sydney CBD.
  • Scrub them with detergent and water and clean well with a hose to prevent the steps from being stained.
  • Apply a masonry waterproof coating as they dry, which will make potential cleaning jobs much easier. Don't worry; it won't make the moves slippery with the coating.
  • Sprinkle some dry cement over the stain and allow it to sit for an hour to absorb the mess, then clean it up with a broom and dustpan if the surface of your steps becomes grease-stained. Try plain sand from Polishing concrete stairs Sydney CBD when you don't have dry cement.

Cracks Fixing

  • Before winter arrives, seal small cracks in particular steps; water that gets inside and freezes will expand and make the crack worse.
  • Brush away any asphalt and dirt that is loose. An external urethane or silicone-modified acrylic caulk rated for use on concrete can then fill the crack. The caulk comes in tubes that fit into a normal caulk pistol which is easily available at Polishing concrete stairs Sydney CBD.

Fix a railing

  • Railings attached to concrete steps often work loose because rust or water from their bolts gets into the holes of the bolt, freezes, and expands, forcing the bolts out. Fix it, but still strengthen the original installation, if you have a loose railing. To make the railing more sturdy, anchor the new bolts upside down. Check Polishing concrete stairs Sydney CBD for details.
  • Using an electric drill fitted with increasingly larger bits of masonry to enlarge the bolt holes before the heads of new bolts are fit.
  • With the masonry bonding agent, brush the insides of the bolt holes, then slide the fresh bolts upside down into the holes. Mix and pour the bolts with special-purpose anchoring cement, and let it sit for at least one hour.
  • With the help from Polishing concrete stairs Sydney CBD professional, apply a masonry waterproof coating around the bolts once the anchoring cement is firm. The railing is then repositioned and protected with nuts and lock washers.

Concrete Chips Fixing

  • You need to create a temporary wooden shape to repair a chipped corner or edge on concrete steps to keep the wet concrete patch in place until it dries.
  • Two boards nailed together at right angles are needed for a corner, while an edge requires only a single board.

Using a compound of concrete patching, mixing it with enough water to make it thin but not runny for pouring, let it dry and your steps are back in a shape. Check Polishing concrete stairs sydney CBD for more help.


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