Check Out The Budget Long Term Accommodations At Mt Isa

Mount Isa is a well-known name in the world for holding the most productive mines in history. To run this globally known mine flawlessly, workers are needed 24x7. As a result, the Mount Isa Mines pulls a huge workforce from all over the world. 

Most of the workers come here semi-permanently or with a 3, 6, or 12 months contract. So, where will they find a suitable long term accommodation at Mt Isa

However, there is nothing to worry about, as options are available in ample. This article concentrates on the available accommodations for these long-term workers.

The extended-stay concept

A classic hotel and the serviced apartment hotel share almost the same objective – selling rooms to a guest for a night or two. The serviced hotels with an extended stay concept, attempt to offer 'a home away from home' facility.  In such hotels or motels, you generally see larger living spaces and personalized service.

The properties offering long term accommodation in Mt Isa are specially designed for guests who seek to stay for a longer period in hotel-like surroundings. To meet these typical guests' needs, the apartments have larger than standard hotel rooms equipped with a kitchen, internet facility, AC, and TV. These accommodations are more like leisure-oriented properties set in resort locations. Let's talk more about this extended-stay market.

Features of these extended accommodations

These apart-hotels and serviced apartments vary in style from traditional to modern and range from moderate to basic to deluxe and upscale. However, there is no officially registered system to classify the system of extended stay accommodation. The terminology varies greatly across properties and creates much confusion about the system. 

However, there are some common characteristics of these long-term accommodation hotels. 

  • The majority of the properties allowing long term accommodation at Mt Isa are fully furnished with an en suite bathroom, a fitted kitchen, and a dining space that includes a sofa.
  • Direct telecom and internet access facilities come as an added advantage.
  • Some serviced apartments have public areas to use as a small breakfast area or a small lobby or reception.
  • The guests can also expect either individual or shared laundry service. 
  • As far as food and beverage facilities are concerned, these apartments might offer a breakfast room but usually do not feature a restaurant or bar. You can either prepare your meal in the room's kitchen or eat in the partner restaurants nearby.

Choose Star Inn

All the above features are available once you step into Star Inn. Located at a 15 minutes’ drive distance from the Mount Isa Mine, this apart-hotel is fully furnished and offers a comfortable stay for the mineworkers. The best part about the Star Inn is that they do not demand a bond or lease from the workers, and they can stay on a week to week basis. They also offer a rent holiday when they go on a Christmas leave to enjoy with their family.   

You are now well aware of the extended-stay concept and get the best long term accommodation in Mt Isa. Relocating to Mt Isa is no more an issue of worry.


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