Know The Skin Care Tips Which Adds Charm To Your Personality

Have you ever got an appointment with a skin specialist doctor in Mumbai? Did you notice what they say, Face is not just for recognition but it also the reflection of your personality. A glowing and healthy face or skin determines your health and well-being. If you have a dull and rough skin then that indicates you are not giving proper attention to your appearance. 

There are a lot of factors that can make your skin dark, dull and pigmented. Sometimes overexposure to the sun or even stress could make your skin look dull and damaged. If you are the resident of Mumbai and experiencing such factors then you immediately search for the top dermatologist in Mumbai. Every girl dreams of fair and flawless skin complexion. Some use skin-lightening creams and lotions but using these regularly may affect your skin. Here are the list of tips that you can follow them regularly to add charm to your personality.

Role of water:

Drinking 3 to 4 litres of water a day will make your skin look beautiful and healthy. It detoxifies your body and prevents your skin from pimples, wrinkles and also will help you look much younger. Drinking a lot of water will make your body hydrated and it will improve the texture and the appearance of your skin. Most of the dermatologists say that when water goes in, all the toxins come out of your body and this is how your skin becomes more healthy and glowing.

Role of fresh fruits and vegetables: 

Best skin specialist in Mumbai asks to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your meal. A healthy diet not only increases charm in your face but also to your whole body. Include more food that contains vitamin E which helps in reducing your wrinkles and make you look younger. Vitamin C helps to glow your skin. Add more curd to your diet meal. Don’t take too oily food which can cause prone skin. Try using olive oil while cooking. Fruits and vegetables contains essential nutrients that will help your skin to glow and also helps you to stay away from black dots and pimples in the skin.

Avoid stress:

Yes, stress is one of the common factors that cause damages to your skin. So be relaxed and do regular exercise along with skincare routines. It will help you to burn the stress and keeps your skin nourishing. Apart from this regulating mobile usage will also work wonders in maintaining your skin tone.

Skin tips according to skin type:

  • There are moisturizers and face washes available as per your skin type. Best dermatologist in Mumbai for skin recommends everyone to use moisturizers and face wash according to their skin type.
  • If your skin is oily then wash your face every 4 hours and use a face wash that deeply cleanses your face. Don’t apply moisturizers and creams in summer. Face packs can be used regularly and avoid experimenting with your skin. Use products that suit your skin. Take more fluids as it can make your skin more hydrated.
  • For dry skin, use a face wash that does not dry your skin. Avoid soap as it is very harsh and can harm your skin. Apply moisturizers regularly. Drink a lot of water to avoid skin dryness. Try applying aloe vera on your face so that it can help to reduce the dryness and wrinkles from your skin.

Normal skin type people are blessed. Make sure you follow all these tips to maintain your skin in a good way.


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