Tips for Choosing Right Bullet Proof & Sound Proof Glass

A Bulletproof glass provides an additional layer of security to business property, vehicles, or residential units. The bullet-resistant glass units are not completely impenetrable. They are responsible for reducing the momentum of a bullet with its multiple layers of glass and plastic sheets. Whereas, normal glass does not provide any significant resistance against bullets. The normal thickness of a car glass is not more than 3mm. As a result, when a bullet hits a plane of the glass the energy pushes against the glass and it fractures at a point of weakness. So even if you manage to escape from a bullet striking you there are still chances that you may get hurt due to the fragmentation of glass and shards of glass. 

Several materials in various permutations and combinations are used to make bulletproof glass. The proportion of these materials depends upon the thickness and quality of glass. Some bulletproof glass can offer protection from a 9mm bullet while some can offer you protection from even a 50 cal bmg Bullet. Bulletproof Glass is clear and has optical clarity. A bullet Proof Glass does not tamper your vision in any way. It gives you a crystal clear optimum view at all times. 

What is a Sound Proof Glass?

If the noise outside is driving you crazy and you need some solace from the chaos of the outer world then Soundproof Glass is surely what you need to consider. Sound Proof Glass is widely used in several homes, commercial premises, schools, libraries, and much more. The Sound Proof Glass acts as a barrier against the outer noise. It successfully makes a near to impenetrable block between the sound and your ears. It gives you the desired peace of mind. A Sound Proof Glass works on the principle of mechanical energy of sound waves and can block 90-95% of sound frequencies. 

A Sound Proof glass is thicker than normal glass. A thicker glass acts as a barrier to the outside sound/noise and does not allow sound to penetrate through it. Some layers of plastic and other composites are used to make soundproof glass sturdy and cause fewer vibrations this process is called lamination. Lamination makes the glass firmer and reduces the transmission of materials. One of the greatest advantages of lamination is its endurance and longevity. Associate with leading soundproof Glass suppliers to be assured about its quality and efficacy.

Tips for Choosing Right Bulletproof & Sound Proof Glass

1. Check the thickness of Glass: The thickness of glass plays a major role in determining its mass and its ability to combat outer noise as well as penetration of the bullet. It is advised to check the thickness of the glass before making a purchase decision. You can opt for standard thickness for soundproof glass as well as bulletproof glass. 

2. Impact on the Glass: Check with your Glass suppliers the impact level of glass. You ask questions such as how much noise reduction this glass offers or if the bulletproof glass provides you protection against 15 mm bullets and so. Choose a glass that has the lowest impact and provides you with optimum protection.

3. Cost: This is one of the most dominating factors. You can compare various glasses based on their thickness, quality standards, durability and opt for the best quality soundproof glass/ bulletproof glass that suffices your needs.

4. Quality: Check the quality of the glass. Buy a Sound Proof Glass or a bulletproof glass that meets all the quality standards. You can even ask your suppliers of certificates or quality labels to be assured about the quality of glass. 

5. Care and maintenance: Get a list of all to do’s and don’ts before buying the glass. This will give you a clear indication of the level of maintenance a soundproof glass or bulletproof glass demands. Generally, soundproof glass or bulletproof glass does not demand any special care.

A Glass supplier will help you choose the best fit for your requirements. Give them access to information such as the decibel level of noise pollution in your vicinity, the type of protection you wish and get the best glass for your premise/vehicle. 


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