Blackbag: Time Saving Strategies For Investigators

With the set-in of the digital era, the amount of data in digital forensic and the time consumed to analyze the same is prodigious. And with digitalization, the humongous data takes a lot of time to retrieve due to the multi-pronged protection strategies. With challenges posing from each direction, forensic scientists are in need of the best time-saving strategies for meticulous recovery of data from various digital devices. This is where the BlackBag comes into operation. The computer forensic software by BlackBag helps the investigators to move forward in the investigation by uncloaking crucial facts and leads. Below are some strategies that will help the investigators to take the investigation forward at a fast pace.

Formulating a plan

On the start of any case the investigator should proceed by asking a few questions to them which are:

  • The main objective of the case
  • Do you know anything about the evidence?
  • What are the operating systems of the device?
  • Are there any constraints? If yes, what are they?

These questions can be answered during the processing of the digital evidence collected. This boosts the process of a great multitude. For example, if you know that the device is a mac, immediately you can use the BlackBag forensic software for MAC and retrieve data within no time.

Understand the tools that you use

The market is filled with tons of forensic analysis tools and each of them works differently. Knowing about its process, how long it takes to process the data, and what are the perquisites takes you a long way ahead and helps in choosing the one that will work better for you. The tool should make the problem at hand easy and not blow it up. If the tools allow, you can save the templates that you use for future reference. If something goes wrong or something has to be tweaked feel free and reach out to the developers. One such tool that works wonders and flicks the process is the BlackBag forensic software. It is an all-in-one tool for the investigators with easy analysis of huge volumes of data in computers and mobile devices.

Limit the range wherever appropriate

The investigator should already have an idea of the target areas before laying out an analysis plan for the case. The filtering and hashing process will help to narrow the scope by neglecting the files that wouldn’t be of any help. On devices like MAC, specially designed Mac forensics has to be performed for the concentration of data. This can be achieved easily by BlackBag software for Mac analysis.

Minimize the picture and videos that have to be reviewed

With the blacklite software by BlackBag, image analysis has proven to reduce the time extracted from your clock. This helps to narrow down the images depending on their level of threat. The software comes with sundry features that are used to filter the data.

Analyze based on priority

The one thing that is unavoidable in an investigation is lots of devices and tons of data associated with it. To save a lot of time you have to start working on the one that is highly important. Mac forensic analysis using BlackBag can unveil high priority information quickly over a short period. The options like account usage reveal the current users and also the deleted users if there are any.

Bottom line

The one thing that won’t change in forensics is that the data available won’t get any smaller instead it is going to balloon up. Only a strategic approach with the best tool in the market will make analysis easier and take the investigation forward. BlackBag will be your ultimate companion in all phases of the investigation. Get the best tool of BlackBag and make the investigation simple and straightforward.


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