How To Protect And Maintain Timber Doors?

Properly maintained wooden doors last longer and they add in aesthetic appeal to your homes. People prefer solid timber doors in Sydney as it requires less maintenance. If you are planning on renovating your property shortly, let your doors also matter to you. A well maintained and good-looking front door attracts visitors to your homes. It is an easy method of adding value to the property.  

Common problems related to doors

Sunlight, dust, dirt, and pollution change the look of your homes and damages them completely. These degrade the finish of your doors with the underlying doors also getting damaged. Exterior solid timber doors not protected by porch suffer from damage quickly than all doors partly covered. Look for the following indoors:

  1. Peeling of paint
  2. Cracks in the portions of finishes
  3. Dark streaks that you can see on the finishes, etc. 

If you are seeing any of these problems, then it is high time for repairing the finish as quickly as possible. The sooner you are dealing with the doors, the longer they are going to last. 

Preparing the door

Before starting with the repair work, start by cleaning the door. Remove dust and dirt from it and after considering all the detailing, think of repainting the wooden doors. If the finish is not done well, you may have to do full finish restoration. Carefully tap on the hinge pins and move the door. Keep all the hardware at safe places while you are working on the door. These solid timber doors in Sydney can be heavy ones so keep your safety first and then work with these doors. 

Stripping all six sides of the door will help in ensuring a great door even after the finish. After removing the existing finish, sand the door using 120 or 150 grit sandpaper. This helps in making the doors even smoother. 

Adding a new finish

Brush off all the dirt and dust and then clean the door using a mineral spirit solution. Keep the door to dry completely before starting with the finish. Apply primer before adding the new finish. If the door is made using porous wood, another coat of paint may be required. After the primer is dry, add the top coat using suitable paints. Make sure the topcoat and primer are compatible with each other.

You can use multiple coats for protecting solid timber doors from UV rays. After the paint is dried, rehang the door back to its place.

Varnish or Paint – which to use?

Many people vanish and not paint the doors. If you pick stains, varnish can be a suitable option for using outdoors. Prepare your timber door properly for whatever method you are planning to use. If there are bubbles while painting or if the door is damp, then it won't last long.


Be extra cautious about cleaning your doors as the more stress the door is exposed to, the lesser its period becomes.


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