Things You Should Know About Drilling Operations in Oil and Gas Fields

Each well that we plan to drill is different. In this case, the location, equipment or whether the same soil bearing formation of the well is used doesn’t really matter at all. But what matters is the result of the drilling process. It basically relies on a wide range of variables. This can be equipment, the process of the company, people working and many more. To get the right lease piper, you, however, need to understand some crucial areas of the drilling. Let us explore a few things that you probably might not be aware of.

Understand the Contractor’s Role:

When the signed oil well shall be drilled, it is signed. This includes certain agreements and conditions as well. Suppose, the drilling rig contractor shall agree on the certain drilling depth. This person has IADC training and Certification. He may also agree on the financial obligations and the location where it must be drilled. As everything is decided and agreed, the process of drilling will initiate. For this, the rig of drilling will then be moved for preparation. This is also called the Move in and Ring up process. The jack-knife rig is made instead of going for Derrick options.

Understand the Representative of the Company:

Another important component you need to think is who shall be the representative of the company. The company gives a complete drilling cost and owns well that is finished. The representative of the company will also oversee the operational aspects that include the good installation and creation of the roads. There are also scenarios when the company representative ensures the outcome can be only confirmed once the formation tests are performed.

Understand the Role of Derrick Worker:

Many people know Derrick Worker as the Derrickman. He is the one who shall be working mostly of the heights. His job is to work on the top of the floor and make sure the operations are done smoothly. The operations can include the pulling of the pipe and see if it is working fine. However, the time has changed and there are now modern rigs available with a rack. It can hold the drilling pipes vertically along with the derrick man. This way the risk is reduced and it can even make in-depth in the ground.

The role of Derrick man is not restricted to holding the pipes at the top but also to remove and add pipe’s section from the drilling string. During the drilling process, it is important for the poise to get in the ground deep. The sectors need to be then removed from the string and then pulled up again from the ground once the drilling process is complete. Of all, this is one hard process for which the Derrickman can remove the pipe sections to replace them or focus on further drilling issues.

Understand the Role of Tool Pusher:

Now different job roles that you have seen above are as important as the role of a tool pusher. There is a supervisor which a company offers. The focus of the supervisors is to look after the right when the good drilling is carried out. There are so many crews who have taken on the toiles such as production engineer, drilling engineer and even other comparable titles to name some. This title of such an expert is called the tool pusher. This person is in charge of the drilling rig and making sure that each part on the rig is moved rightly. The toolpusher is also equipped with IADC Training.

Now that you know about the people involved in the drilling operations, connecting to them during the project should not be a trouble for you. But look for the best IADC Training in Gujarat if you want to be a part of such roles.


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