Choose a Euro Cylinder as a Replacement for Convenience and Safety

Whether it is your home, office or any other property, unless you have a good locking system, security will be the biggest concern. Talking of which one of the common types of locking is known as a barrel. It is the best euro profile cylinder lock that you can consider which surely shall give you the locking system with stress-free features. There is no fancy shape of it. But yes, it comes in a wide range of materials, brands and even sizes to make the choice. This option has different keys types and even the locking mechanisms that we all cannot resist to explore.

About Euro Profile Cylinder Types:

The euro profile cylinder manufacturers have been making different types and patterns of such locking systems. You can find it in button, half-cylinder or classic pattern. All of them are extremely great in their own ways and that is why you must explore them all before drawing a conclusion. After All that matters the most is the security of the home. And of course, when it comes to the property security budget should be the last thing and quality with good features must be the priority.

The reason why these types of high-security euro cylinder locks have gained popularity over the past few years is that they are extremely reliable, easy to use and come with the best of features you may not have explored earlier. These locks are known to be:

  • Anti-copy
  • Anti-drill
  • Anti-pick

There are different brands that have been manufacturing such types of cylindrical locks and so far, the feedback received on it by the clients has always been positive till date.

Explore the Types of keys

How to choose the length of your cylinder?

While choosing the right key type for the cylindrical lock, you need to first understand the important feature and that is the length. The lock shall come with a keyhole on every side and comes with a middle activation for the key once it enters. You can measure the length from the keyhole centre. Usually, such cylinder’s lock comes with 60mm in total length. In the market, they are called 30-30 since in between the keyhole they are 30mm. Other variations can be

  • 40-50
  • 40-40
  • 30-40

Understanding the level of security:

As per the euro profile cylinder smart lock that you have chosen the key shall have the recess and notch too. You can also find hollows and bumps. Keys can be flat in shape, star-shaped or sometimes in the cross shape too. This key is a perfect blend of profile size which comes with code too. It helps in activating the point within the cylinder. This way it is possible to operate the lock. If you have a right profile, at least you will be able to use the cylinder along with the right series that allows you to turn it and lock. Always remember, if there are more pins then it will be difficult for you to pick up the lock. The number usually can vary between 5 to 36.

Enhance the Cylinder complexity with the Key Shape:

A flat key usually is notched at one side is the standard one

  • You can also find a flat key which is noticed on the sides denoting the high level of security.
  • There are also paracentric keys which are the same as the other two types. The only difference is they are notched on the cutting edges that offer better protection.
  • You can even consider revisable keys which can be used in any direction.
  • Pump keys are in the form of star shape that is known to offer better security level.

You can always consider the cylinder locking option with the keys mentioned above to protect your door. Beyond this, you don’t need to buy any additional security lock.


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