Install Glass Balustrade To Improve The Safety Of Your Balcony

Undoubtedly you want to hold onto something while walking up and down the stairs that acts as a barrier between your steps and the ground below. Balustrades, in this respect, add safety to a staircase. If you are looking for a contemporary, stylish, yet solid material, you can choose a glass balcony balustrade. Though meant for a balcony or porch, you can easily use them in the interiors. 

They are found in a variety of designs and styles. Glass balustrades are also made of different types of glasses ranging from structural glass, tempered glass, and safety glass. Here let us take a look at how glass balcony balustrades add safety to your staircases.

  • Anti-corrosive nature

Glass is robust, healthy, and requires very little maintenance. Consequently, glass balustrades for your staircases are unlikely to rot, erode, and become unsafe for use. Unlike its wooden or metal counterparts, glass balustrades are less prone to rot and damage, thus maintaining safety for your staircases. They are also capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, thus making it a perfect option for external staircases too. 

  • Unbreakable

Glass balcony railings are typically made of robust, tempered safety glass. It is tough to break this type of glass easily. That means glass balustrades are a safe option. Even if it breaks in rare cases, this kind of glass does not shatter like the conventional ones. So, a glass balcony balustrade is a safe option for stairway railings in places inhibited children every time.

  • Transparent material

Glass balustrades will allow you to see the surroundings of those ascending and descending staircases. That is not possible in the case of wood or metal barriers. As you get a clear vision of the surroundings of your staircase, it enhances the overall safety of the staircases. Moreover, glass balustrades being transparent allow you to get the view of the staircase with greater ease. This also increases the entire aesthetic appeal of the staircase no matter where it is located.  

  • Installing additional railings

You can easily add additional railings on top of the glass balustrade, thereby increasing the safety of the staircases further. You can add railings on top of the glass balustrade both in case of external and internal staircases. 

  • Firm glass clamps

A glass balcony balustrade is typically attached to the staircase using strong glass clamps. A stable and robust glass clamp ensures that the glass panels on the balustrade are kept firmly and safely. Moreover, glass clamps also increase the aesthetic appeal. These contemporary features are in sync with the innovative design of modern-day glass balustrades. It also helps to complete the overall stylish look of your interior staircase.

  • Low maintenance

Glass is extremely easy to maintain and clean. You can keep the surface dirt, scratch, and grime-free by just wiping it once with a clean cloth. On the contrary, iron and wood barriers are more difficult to clean and maintain. With regular cleaning, you can keep the glass surface grease and grime free for ages. 

The above content was convincing enough to spend on a glass balcony balustrade if you are planning to keep your staircases safe yet stylish. 


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