Guide To Planning Your Glass Balustrade Pool Fencing

A swimming pool glass balustrade fencing is required in every family home. Precaution and safety should be considered during the planning process of your pool. In addition to this, there are a whole lot of things to consider during the planning stage. This includes the following:

Planning the height:

As per the Building Code of Australia, every home should be built from a basic minimum height of about 1200 mm above ground level, terrace and even the balcony. 


The style and the appearance of the pool is a personal choice and it can be customised as per the requirement of the home. There are several different styles of glass balustrade pool fences available in the market. This includes semi-frameless glass balustrade pool fencing,  Stainless balustrade pool fencing, and the frameless glass balustrade pool fencing.

Guarantee of the installation:

At the time of installation of the fence by a glass balustrade pool fencing provider, it is important to take into consideration the guarantee period. The glass balustrade pool fencing Service provider will provide you with guarantee details. Generally, the glass balustrade full fences come with a 3-year warranty.

Building registration:

Every glass balustrade pool fencing in Gymea is regulated by the building act of Australia. This act states that every fence project should be carried out by a registered building practitioner.  

Compliance with the rules and regulations for glass balustrade pool fences:

It is also important to ensure that the glass panel framework is done and compiled as per the rules and regulations in regard to the installation of glass balustrade pool fences. 

Check for cracks and scratches:

It is also important to check for cracks and scratches on the glass balustrade pool fences during its installation. Make sure that the glass framework is free from rusted screws and Hinges that could hurt, graze and open up wounds. This could cause infections that would enter into the wound when it comes into contact with the pool water. Rusted screws and rickety installations can cause dangerous water mishaps by the poolside. It could also increase the risk of waterborne diseases, infection, the growth of algae, bacteria, fungi, viruses and pests to thrive in the water. This makes the poolside environment unhealthy for use.

Check for proper installation:

The main aspect to consider is to check whether the glass balustrade frameless pool fences in Gymea are properly installed. If the glass balustrade frameless pool fences are not steady and firmly installed, it increases the risk of crashes and could be a major threat to life. 

Improper installation would hinder the enjoyment and full use of the pool during family get-togethers and poolside parties. It is for this reason that you should get your pool fences done by glass balustrade pool fencing service providers.


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