Accounting And Corporate Services In Singapore

Accounting Services in Singapore
Accounting Services in Singapore

The accounting firm you hire will be like your paid business partner. A reliable corporate accounting firm in Singapore will ensure your compliance with the law. They will guide you away from making legal mistakes that can result in you losing huge amounts of money. From bookkeeping to taxation, the accounting firm you chose will be the one-stop destination for handling all your financial services.

Having an efficient and qualified corporate accounting firm by your side will guarantee that your business is going along the dream path you have envisioned and will alert you if at all you are deviating from that path. This article will help you explore the key factors that need to be adhered to while choosing an accounting firm in Singapore.


The client must always ensure to check the accreditations of the prospective corporate accounting firm that they are looking to hire. You should get detailed information or a report suggesting that the company is working in accordance with the various standards and requirements stipulated by the Government. Make sure that you choose a team of accountants who are well taught in the companies' act of Singapore. Therefore they can help you run your business according to the accounting standards set by the Singapore government.

Law Of Taxation

If there is any tax violation on your behalf, you will be in a lot of trouble. A mere mistake in the filing of the documents pertaining to the taxes, you will attract hefty fees and penalties. It is to avoid such a financial crisis; you are required to hire an accounting firm in Singapore that is well-read in taxation regulations. A reliable company will make certain that your business's financial reporting is crafted concerning the IRAS Tax Regulations.

Experience And Expertise

You should run a background check of the firm that you are hiring. Always chose a firm that is well known in the field of accounting. An accounting firm that has many years of experience in providing accounting services will garner the expertise and profound knowledge in the subject. The team should have members who are well trained in this sphere of work. Their experience will allow them to charge a fee that is reasonable according to market standards and provide you with the best accounting services.


One of the primary considerations apart from the ones mentioned above is the fee the prospective accounting firm in Singapore is charging. You should analyze whether the fee charged is appropriate after taking into account various heads like the type of service that you require, the nature of your line of work, and the taxation and accounting requirements. More than often, the corporate accounting firms will charge their clients on an hourly basis or at a price rate that is fixed. They also provide package service offers. You should ensure that the payment plan for the corporate services should be properly laid down so that they cannot charge any hidden fees post-hiring them.


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