Operating Principle & Application of the Centrifugal Pump

A pump is generally used to handle a mass amount of liquid by inducing flow or raise the pressure of the liquid. The most commonly used type of pump is the centrifugal pumps which are a dynamic pump that operates on the principle of centrifugal force. These centrifugal pumps employ a rotating impeller to impart energy by means of centrifugal force created by the rotation. It is an undisputed choice of pump for the transportation of liquid from one location in various industries including agriculture, municipal, industrial plants, petroleum, mining, chemical, and many more. Robushi distributors provide the best centrifugal pumps that are robust and efficient for all types of needs.

Defining a centrifugal pump

A centrifugal pump can be designed as a pump that is used to handle a huge amount of liquids to provide high flow rates and regulate the rate of flow rates over a wide range. Centrifugal pumps are designed to handle liquids that have comparatively low viscosity like water or light oil. A basic centrifugal pump is made of the following components

  • Casing
  • Suction pipe
  • Delivery pipe
  • Impeller

Operating principle of centrifugal pump

The operation of a centrifugal pump is governed by two main components; the impeller and the casing. The impeller is the rotating part and the casing is the airtight passage that surrounds the impeller.

The liquid first enters the casing of the pump at the impeller eye. From this point, the liquid is radially pushed to the periphery of the impeller by the centrifugal force imparted by the rotation of the impeller. Thanks to the curvature of the impeller, energy is transferred to water current increasing its kinetic energy. As the liquid leaves the impeller to the diffuser part of the casing it gains velocity and pressure. This increase in pressure takes water from one end to the other via the discharge pipe.

Application of centrifugal pump

The centrifugal pumps are the most frequently used pumps because the flow of fluid makes them advantageous in a wide range of applications like industries, pressure boosting, water supplying, domestic necessities, fire defense systems, regulating boiler water, and sewage drainage, etc. major application of a Robushi GCC centrifugal pump is as follows

  • In the oil and energy industries, these pumps are to pump oil, mud, and slurry
  • In the industrial and fire protection area these pumps are employed for ventilation and heating, boiler feed, pressure boosting, air conditioning, and fire security sprinkler systems.
  • These are of high usage in wastewater management, drainage, flood protection, and irrigation.
  • To supply water for daily needs: The centrifugal pumps are employed in case of a function that doesn’t need much of suction lift. Well-suited for pumping water in pneumatic and overhead tank systems.
  • Boost pressure: These pumps are designed to take in pressure from the main water channel of the city and simply boost it up to multifold. It can run instantly or automatically when the power is on.
  • Assists in fire protection: The fire protection system used by the firefighters employs the usage of centrifugal pumps which is either a single-stage or multi-stage that is run by gasoline or electricity. 
  • In drainage pumping, vertical or horizontal centrifugal pumps are used to drain or transport sewage. 

Bottom line

Robushi Pumps distributor in Saudi is the dealers of a wide range of pumps that are suitable for any purpose from domestic to industrial scale. You can get the best deal of their pumps and reach efficiency in handling a large scale of liquid.


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