All You Need To Know About White Subway Tiles

How to choose a white subway mosaic tile for the bathroom, and not get confused? What designs of mosaics are on the market, can you do the installation yourself? Today with the help of this article we will help you deal with all the relevant questions arising while choosing tiles for the bathroom and Swimming pool.


The individual elements from which the mosaic panel is folded are small in size, so it is easy to decorate curved surfaces with them and lay out whole pictures. The white mosaic subway tile can have dimensions from 1 * 1 cm to 5 * 5 cm, although the classic size is 2 * 2 cm. Usually, small elements are collected in 30 * 30 cm matrices and connected with paper or plastic mesh, which greatly simplifies the work with the material. The mosaic can not only have a square shape, but it is the most popular format for its execution. If you take into consideration that the mosaic is made up of various materials, then you will be able to choose any colour and texture.


The white mosaic subway tiles for your bathroom have a number of advantages:

  • Excellent appearance. 
  • With the aid of a mosaic panel, you are able to decorate any room, and the designers agree that such a decoration visually expands the space;
  • Resistance to moisture and temperature extremes;
  • Resistance to all kinds of detergents; resistance to direct sunlight thus the preservation of the original colour for a long time.


Excellent performance allows you to use mosaics in the bathroom where high humidity often prevails.

There are a lot of options for using white mosaic subway tile in the bathroom.

  • Layout the wall and floor with a mosaic at the location of the shower or bath.
  • You can save money and use mosaics together with ordinary ceramic tiles. The result is a good swimming pool at an affordable price.
  • On one of the walls, you can display out a whole picture or mosaic ornament. It can be a landscape of places, geometric abstraction, or just a multi-coloured panel.
  • The bathroom screen can also be tiled with white subway mosaics tiles, but its colour must be matched to the colour of the floor and walls;
  • You can decorate the area near the mirror or washbasin.

The white mosaic subway tile can also be used in other rooms. In the hallway, for example, you can use it to layout an area near the front door or a mirror, in the living room, you can select an area with a sofa or TV. You can decorate niche columns and other architectural elements with mosaics, as well as decorate a fireplace. The bedroom in this way can be designed as a headboard bed.

If you are constructing a swimming pool, it is better to use the tiles that are affordable price-wise. Make sure that your supplier can give you the best deals.


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