Glass pool fences: a statement beyond safety

Pool barriers are the ultimate line of defence to prevent children and pet reaching the pool without anyone around. But nowadays these glass fences have evolved from its original meaning and have become something beyond safety. It is a statement that speaks in resemblance to the pristine water of the pool. It is an ultimate piece of elegance and sophistication. Sydney fit-out companies have the best glass fences in the vault to transform your home. Sydney is an epitome of sophistication and has everything to render it at your home. Here are a few valid points to tell you that glass fences for pools are better than other fences.

Don’t compromise with aesthetic appeal

The worst part about choosing a metal fence is that it impedes you from having the stunning view of your pool and it is tacky. Apart from having a relaxing swim, swimming also escalates the look of your home. And the metal bars look totally spoiled. But with a glass fence, the pool will be the centre of attraction of your home.


If you are thinking or heard somewhere that glass fences break easily, it is absurd. It is not like a mirror glass that will break when just dropped. The glass fences are specially made to meet the needs of safety and according to guidelines. Also, they undergo a lot of testing to ensure that they are safe and reliable. In extreme cases even if they break, the glass will remain in the frame.


Sydney fit outs companies will provide you with the best glass that fits your panels perfectly and remains sturdy and durable. Like the metal or wooden fences, these won’t warp or ruts and thus will have a long life span. Additional to this cleaning of the glass fences requires only minimum effort. If you just wipe the fences with soap and water now and then is more than enough.

Don’t compromise with aesthetic appeal

Elegance, sophistication, classy is what defines glass fences. When it comes to looks there are two type’s fences; frameless pool fencing and semi-frameless pool fencing. Semi-frameless fences have sleek aluminium or metal posts that divide the panels; on the other hand, frameless fencing doesn’t have any partition. Frameless fences are modern while the framed fences fit any landscape and background. No matter which one you are choosing both will work wonders for your home.

Resistance is also a factor

When it comes to withstanding the environmental factors glass pool fences beat other types out of the competition. This is because to ensure that glass pool fences are weather resistant it is made out of toughened glass. The toughened glass offers a high degree of strength, durability and thermal resistance. The glass fences unlike the aluminium fences or wooden fences don’t get rusted or warped by heavy rains and scorching summer.

Bottom line

The glass doors are advantageous beyond imagination. Let your guests be awestruck by the look of your pool lined by glass fences. Give a call to Sydney to fit out companies and select the best fence for your home.


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