How to select tiles pattern layouts? We have a perfect guide for you!

patterned tiles - get tiles online
patterned tiles - get tiles online

Have you checked the style of your tiles before you get trapped with your kitchen or bathroom makeover? Playing with angles and patterns is a great way to bring excitement to the style, and a new dimension. sandstone tiles outdoor have put together a few tricks and suggestions for laying tiles to carry out even the easiest of schemes.

Herringbone pattern

This tiling style is becoming increasingly popular and fits well for both half tiles. Although this style is fairly difficult to build it pays off, offering an easy but stunning visual appeal, making a room look wider consider tiling from the floor to the ceiling to help attract the eye along the length of the room. This is one of the best tiles for kitchen walls option

Running Bond pattern

This is just another effective way to introduce a feeling of height and space. It's basically just a brick bond except on its side, so construction is pretty easy. Start teaming up a panel of half tiles running bond with tiles of large size.

Offset pattern

According to best tiles for kitchen walls, If you have field tiles on your wall but would like to add more appeal, attempt to lay them out in an offset pattern. Brick bonding field tiles are simple; the tiles are offset by half the tile width and can be combined for more detail with mouldings and skirts.

Basket weave pattern

This classic pattern is composed of squares and rectangles to produce a woven basket effect. Creating this look is simpler than you expect and can be done with mosaics ready to be rolled out, check out your options here at sandstone tiles outdoor.

Straight Herringbone

This twist on the style of herringbone has a more modern feel, with the tiles laid at an angle of 90 degrees instead of 45 providing a finer texture. Designers use the herringbone pattern to increase the size of a smaller area, but laying tiles in this way often has a visual effect, if used it can be best tiles for kitchen walls or splashback.

Dot Octagon pattern

Octagon Dot is another classic style often used with Victorian Floor tiles on the windows. This design is flexible and performs well in kitchens, halls and trails. Choose a basic monochrome look or change the colours.

Diamond Pattern

Bring more beauty by simply placing square tiles in a diamond pattern; this is a commonly used style of tiling that fits well on both floor walls. If the wall or floor is not completely square, having a diagonal arrangement can help to mask any imperfections. Check out design ideas here at sandstone tiles outdoor. 

Chevron pattern

It can be time-consuming and difficult to lay tiles in chevrons, so why not hack and use our Chevron Parquet floor tiles instead to achieve the same look but with the simpler installation. You have to get really close to this porcelain tile to know that it isn't wooden tiles, really. Every tile spans 1200 mm but has the appearance of pre-laid tiles, the installation is just slightly easier. You will really need specialists from the best tiles for kitchen walls to make this project possible and affordable.


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