5 Care Tips To Help Keep Hydraulic Valves In Good Health

Hydraulic systems need the best care. Timely maintenance is a must. Negligence can result in failure of the system. Proper techniques to follow are important.

  • Always check with an area of issues, which may include movable parts.
  • You need to follow step by step procedure for carrying out the task.
  • Corrective maintenance is important to prevent component failure

You can hire hydraulic control valve experts to carry out the task on your own.

1. Identify basic failures

Most hydraulic systems face basic failures. Carrying out preventive maintenance is helpful. You immediately need to carry out standard checking procedures.

You have to identify the conditions under which the machine operates. Machines that operate for long hours need daily inspections.

In general, 70 percent of hydraulics that connects movable parts get damaged. You need to check with these parts first.

2. Check with proper tools and equipment

To carry out maintenance, you need proper tools and equipment. Before you get started you need to have access to the right tools. This is important so you can assemble the parts.

It is better to hire a hydraulic control valve expert to perform this task. The task involves lots of potential hazards you have to understand. This is important to avoid accidents.

The moment you check always ensure that you replace the old filter. Hydraulic filters face high pressure, they get damaged with time. They need replacement very often.

3. Hydraulic fluid

As we are speaking of control valves, so we need to check with hydraulic fluids as well. This is a type of oil that helps control the movement of all parts of the machine.

If you use your heavy machine very often, then the fluid level goes down with time. Every time you change the filter, you have to top-up the fluid level.

An expert hydraulic control valve technician will always check with the fluid level first. If the level is low then movable parts may face friction.

4. Check with reservoir 

The reservoir is an important hydraulic component. It accumulates carbon and grease. You need to clean it every time you carry out maintenance tasks.

The moment you clean you have to focus on outside and inside. Grease gets accumulated if you are using the machine very often. It is also important to check with the hydraulic pressure generated.

If the pressure generated is less or more, the machine may not function normally. You can hire a hydraulic control valve expert for this task.

5.  Check with pump parts

Any hydraulic system uses a pump to push the fluid against gravity. If the pump is faulty then the hydraulic system may not work. This is one common error with this system.

Along with the pump, you can check other fittings and tubes as well. Leakage in tubes is also a common issue. If the valve and tubes are leaking then they need repairs and replacement.

You can contact a hydraulic control valve expert to check each fitting inside the pump. Pump motor works on particular Amps. You need to check with the Amp rating as well.

Heavy-duty machines work on all types of hydraulic parts. Well maintained hydraulics are important for the proper working of the machine.


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