Information On the Popular Types of Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathrooms are considered to be a multifunctional room of every household. People choose to spend a lot of time in the bathrooms for enjoying a relaxing bath, self-pampering or grooming session or to take a quick bath in the shower. Besides, the bathroom is the place where guests often visit. Thus, it becomes important to make the bathroom look good. And to make a bathroom look good, it is important to design it functionally as well as gracefully. The selection of bathroom tiles plays a key role here. Bathroom tiles are usually available in a range of varieties starting from modern to classic. The variation in style is what helps the bathrooms to get a sophisticated and unique look.

Let get the details of the popular types of bathroom tiles that you can purchase from the Bathroom Tiles Showroom in Sydney:

  1. Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles: If you are looking for wood or stone lookalikes of bathroom tiles, lattice-patterned square or multihued penny tiles, choosing porcelain and ceramic tiles will be the best option. These tiles are popular due to the easy to maintain nature. And in case of high-grade glaze, these can prevent scratches and daily wear and tear.
  2. Vinyl Tiles: This is one of the most popular types of bathroom floor tiles due to the high level of practicality and low cost. Besides, this tile is safe, durable and comfortable. Besides, people prefer this tile a lot due to the ease of installation and the aesthetic appeal.
  3. Stone Tiles: In the last few decades, stone tiles have become really popular to use in the bathroom floors. Crafted from marble, limestone, slate and granite, this type of bathroom floor tiles are available in a range of colours starting from reads to blues, creams, gold, and greens. Besides, the stone tiles are also available in a range of textures like tumbled, cleft, etched, sandblasted, flamed, etc.
  4. Glass Tiles: The glass tiles offer a great aesthetic appeal. The covering part of this floor tile creates an illusion of depth in the thin layer of glass. If installed properly, this tile can hold up really well. All you need to do is to choose a textured glass from the bathroom tiles in Sydney showrooms to prevent slip. Besides, small glass tiles with grout joints also work as slip resistant.
  5. Plastic Laminate Tiles: In case you are planning to remodel your bathroom, then this is one of the best bathroom tiles that you can choose. One of the best things about this tile is that it doesn’t raise the height of the present flooring and therefore it makes it easy to plan transitions from one room to another. Being durable and easy to clean, the plastic laminate bathroom floor tiles fall short while it comes to moisture. 
  6. Cork Tiles: This type of bathroom tile can be tinted in a number of colours. Besides, this type of flooring is also easy on the feet and warm to the touch. Glue-down installation of this tile is also quite easy.


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