Automatic Lubricators - The Perfect Way to Avoid Machine Failure

Friction, corrosion, rust, and dirt are words that are getting down into the hearts of most engineers – particularly those responsible for heavy plant and machinery operation and maintenance where downtime means missed deadlines, disrupted schedules, and cost penalties. The efficiency of machines depends on several factors, one of the most important of which is the right lubrication. 

Nonetheless, deciding which GCC automatic lubricator produces the best results from an economic and ecological perspective often depends on the type of machine it represents, the ambient temperature, operating conditions, and so on. Automatic lubrication systems repay the investment swiftly if correctly stated, not least when combined with heavy machinery in the construction, civil engineering, mining, and quarrying industries where lubrication is essential. Therefore there are some ways in which automatic lubrication can avoid machine failure.

Extended Equipment Life

Automatic lubrication results in decreased wear and increased life of the equipment by supplying the equipment with the right amount of lubricant at the right time and in the right location. Automatic lubrication forms a thin layer between moving sections of the system to prevent individual sections' rubbing. The machines will be safe from damage by avoiding direct metal-to-metal contact, which will last longer. 

Reduced lubricant absorption

GCC Automatic lubrication systems provide small quantities of lubricant at more regular intervals, thereby reducing lubricant consumption. Not only does this save on oil or grease prices, but it also helps the atmosphere.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Since automatic lubricators increase the equipment's life by reducing wear, you will be saving on spare parts. Your machine will not require manual point-by-point lubrication by technicians to significantly reduce your maintenance costs. Compared with the 15-minute inspection and refill period of an auto lube system, lubricating with a grease gun is boring for technicians.

Reduced Downtime on Machines

Evicting a stoppage of your facilities is essential to improve your overall profitability. Like manual lubrication, there's no need to shut down automatic lubrication systems to add more oil. Lock-out and tag-out procedures can be avoided, and the computers may continue to operate. Around the same time, the lubrication method makes sure that the right amount of lubricant is applied for optimum lubrication. Automatic lubrication thus significantly cuts down the work- and downtime.

Safer and Healthier Working Condition

A machine technician uses a grease gun to lube all necessary machine parts in manual lubricated environments. Many of the machines' critical sections are very difficult to reach and involve climbing on the floor, even while it is still working. This poses considerable safety risks, which can be avoided by installing an automatic lubrication system. Even Auto lube prevents human contact with lubricants and eliminates spilled oil on the concrete, reducing the possibility of falling out.

Environmental Improvements

Automatic systems measure the exact amount of required lubricant. Waste, food waste, and problems related to housekeeping are significantly reduced. Enhanced lubrication for bearings, gears, and chains implies reduced friction and reduced energy usage.

Perfect For Any Application

Automatic lubrication systems come in several forms, such as single-line parallel, incremental, dual-line, and multi-line series, each with its benefits and areas of operation. Typically any application can be lubricated with an automatic lubrication device because of these wide range lubricators from GCC Simatic distributors.

Some GCC companies also provide services in automotive lubrication, such as routine maintenance services such as adjusting tire pressure, changing windshield wipers, replacing light bulbs, repairing, and fluid level top-downs prevent machine failure.


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