Interesting Facts You Should Know About Zinc Panel

Zinc is one of the most widely used metals. One comes in contact with this material almost every day but we do not notice the same. Zinc is widely used in many industries due to its ductility and strong endurance. Zinc is one of the most preferred materials for roofing. Many construction giants today use zinc panels for roofing and other purposes. Conventionally steel & aluminum were used for roofing instead of Zinc but due to continuous advancement in this sector and introduction of new metals like zinc these are now replaced with Zinc panels. 

Let us see some of the interesting facts about Zinc panel:

  1. Zinc panels do not corrode even in extreme conditions: Zinc panels are known for their corrosion-resistant properties. They remain unchanged for years and years. This is due to the formation of a thin Patina layer. Zinc panels when exposed to natural light, air and weather form a protective patina layer that prevents the metal from corrosion and rusting. Thus making it an apt choice for roofing. Another distinct characteristic of the zinc patina is that it also prevents the surface of the roof from scratches and imperfections. This is one of the greatest reasons why zinc panels are preferred over other metals.
  1. Zinc is Durable: Zinc panels once installed properly do not demand  much maintenance. They are maintenance-free, just an occasional cleaning of the same is enough. Zinc panels remain in the same shape forever. Zinc panels are also equipped with self-repairing abilities making them an apt choice against other metals for roofing and cladding.
  2. Zinc is available abundantly: Zinc can be found in the earth's crust and is one of the most widely used metals. Zinc panels are very rarely scarce. The local availability of Zinc panels helps in making it a desirable choice for roofing. Zinc panels can be formed into complex shapes. They help you to explore your creative horizon and give a distinct look to your structure. The work ability of this metal is phenomenal. This is one of the most prominent reasons why the majority of builders and architecture companies use zinc panels as an integral part of their project.
  3. Zinc is  a green There are very few metals and materials that are globally recognized as green materials zinc is one of them. Going Green is in vogue. Every organization, every company feels it is their social responsibility to do their bit for the mother earth and opt for environmentally friendly materials. These companies are very conscious and choose materials that are energy-efficient, cost-effective and do not cause any harm to the environment. Zinc panels tick all the boxes optimally. They do not demand much energy for production as compared to other materials such as aluminium, copper etc. Zinc panels are completely recyclable and can be made from using recycled or demolished structures as well. 

Zinc panels are one of the best options for metal roofing. They not only add to the aesthetic appearance of the premise but have great endurance too. Using Zinc panels as a part of the structure and façade will help you to give a distinct look and feel to it. After All, Zinc panels are power-packed with all the goodness of nature and exceptional properties.


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