Laser Therapy - The Best Solution For Your Younger Looking & Wrinkle Free Skin

If things like acne, aging, or spending too much time in the sun have left scars, blotches, lines or wrinkles on your skin, then a laser scar removal treatment can help you make your skin look healthier and younger while treating the scars effectively. After that, the new skin cells formed during healing can give your skin a younger and tighter looking surface. Even though scar removal treatment in Mumbai can be performed in any part of the body to get rid of the scars, people mostly get this treatment done on their faces to improve their appearances. A good scar removal therapy can treat the following skin conditions:

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Fine lines
  3. Acne marks
  4. Age spots
  5. Scars
  6. Burn scars
  7. Freckles
  8. Piercing marks
  9. Sun damage scar
  10. Large pores
  11. Injury marks
  12. Blisters
  13. Marks of surgery

How does laser scar removal process work? 

In the laser scar removal surgery in Mumbai, the skin layers surrounding skin damage or skin irregularities like scars, wrinkles, or sun damage are penetrated with the help of a fractional laser. After that, the laser ray eliminates all the damaged cells while pushing the patient’s body into the natural healing method. As this process eliminates the damaged skin cells from the body, therefore the body creates new cells to replace those to get rid of the targeted imperfections.

Once the laser scar treatment in Mumbai is complete, the natural healing system of the body also encourages collagen production. This helps to bring back the elasticity and natural firmness of the skin that fades naturally once one reaches 30. This helps to get you wrinkle-free and younger-looking skin. 

Some important considerations before you opt for laser therapy:

  • Consider a thorough medical consultation before going for laser treatment: Nobody can promise you to treat the scar with laser therapy without medical consultation. Choose an expert, who prefers to know about your details like your overall health, type of skin, and characteristics of the scar before performing the treatment. Talk to the expert during the consultation if you have any serious health issues or if you take any special supplements.
  • It is important to take proper sun protection before and after the laser treatment: In case you want to consider laser treatment for removing scars; you need to know that there are some restrictions. For example, you should not consider this treatment for sunburn or tan. Otherwise, your skin can get burnt or become discoloured. Besides, ensure that you will have to protect your skin from the sun after the laser treatment to allow it to heal. Otherwise, you can develop another scar.
  • Change your lifestyle before laser treatment: To heal your scars with laser treatment and to get the best results, you must change your lifestyle before the laser scar removal Mumbai treatment. Here are the things that you can do:
  1. Quit smoking for at least 2 weeks before the treatment
  2. Do not use any skincare products for minimum 2-4 weeks, which include glycolic acid or retinoid
  3. Avoid the tanning bed, sun, or sunlamp. You cannot get laser treatment in case you have a sunburn or tan.
  4. Do not take aspirin, vitamin E, and other supplements and medications, which can delay the healing process.
  5. If you are prone to get cold sores, then take the medications to prevent getting it.
  • Care for the treated area properly: Follow the at-home care instructions of your dermatologist after the laser treatment. This will help you get the best outcomes with no side effects.


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