What Are The Features And Benefits Of PVC Foam Tape?

Among the variety of supplies used in the industrial sectors, foam tapes are the most used adhesive solution for multiple reasons. These tapes are considered as the barriers against moisture, dust, impact, air, and a lot of other forces. The PVC foam tape is available in different densities that are used based on the surface type and barrier need. Most of the industries that use these tapes include construction, HVAC, automotive, and electronics. Besides, these tapes are used to create a barrier against sunlight as well as chemical. 

The Manufacturing Process and Features of PVC Foam Tapes 

Before we go inside the advantages of these tapes, understanding the manufacturing process is crucial to understand the features. At the first casting, sheets are filled with PVC (liquid polyvinyl chloride). Next, the manufacturers start heating the PVC, and as a result the foam rises. The density and thickness of the PVC foam tape are adjusted at this stage. At the next stage, it is coated with adhesive and then rolled in.

The best feature of these tapes is one can expect great adhesive quality. On the other hand, it offers excellent resistance to degradation. The entire tape remains bonded with adhesive. So, the adhesive quality does not degrade as well until and unless get exposed to the external forces. Also, the high-density foam tapes offer an excellent cushioning effect against external impact. Be it sealing, insulating, or gasketing, these tapes are just the right solution for every issue.

Benefits of PVC Foam Tapes

  • Cost-Effective

The PVC foam tape can be cut down as per the need quite easily from the large log sized rolls. So, the material cost automatically gets reduced. The rolls can be trimmed according to the precise width and dimension. So, basically, these tapes can be used to cover up the gaps without making a hole in your pocket.

  • Highly Durable

These particular tapes offer extensive resistance against the industrial chemicals, fuel, solvents, flames, and a lot of other external forces. And, that too for quite a long time. As depicted in the manufacturing process, the PVC foam tape has no empty cells from where the moisture can make an entry. So, these tapes continue to survive in the moisty environment.

  • Easy Application

The adhesive is put on the interior part of the PVC foam tape that omits the use of any release liner. Therefore, it cuts a step from the overall assembly process and saves time during application. This saved time gets added to more focus on production. Also, no use of release liners directly contributes to waste management. 

  • Range of Applications

The best part of using PVC foam tape is it serves several purposes. It is an excellent choice for weather-stripping. These tapes are the best replacement for polyurethane foam gaskets and that too at a much lower price. Windows and door glazing, vibration dampeners, air sealing, access panel sealing, roof curb sealing - these are some of the areas where the service providers make use of these tapes. Even motorcycle helmet manufacturers make use of these tapes for added cushioning.


To round up, these particular tapes are the most effective as well as a money-saving option that serves as a must-have in different industrial zones. It is just a matter of finding the right company that produces and supplies a range of the tapes at a reasonable price.


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