5 Things You Need To Know About Mortise Locks

The mortise locks are designed by the manufacturers to give a traditional look. These are very popular locks that have been used over a long period. The reason for its durability can be traced back to its extreme strength and its reliability. The construct and make of these are very unique which makes it stand apart from its competitors. The mortise locks give respect to history as it can be easily taken apart and further reassembled.

Owing to its strength and reliability, mortise locks are mainly used in commercial setups. The components of this lock provided by the mortise lock parts suppliers are varied. The lock is made for rigorous and rash use. Due to the same, the mortise locks are employed for usage on commercial constructions which have extremely heavy foot traffic. If at all there are any defaults within the lock, the components can be readily replaced and for servicing. This feature of the Mortise lock is the most beneficial for homeowners who have occupied the house newly. This blog helps you understand the Mortise lock features much better. 

The following features will give you a better understanding of the Mortise lock:-

The working of the Mortise lock

It should be duly noted that while fitting the Mortise lock, the lock should be neatly well fit into the holder; which is called the mortise cut-out. This mortise cut-out is sculpted into the door. The lock comprises four essential components which can be availed from a mortise lock supplier. These are; the latently installed Mortise lock, a doorknob which is referred to as lock trim, a strike plate, and a keyed cylinder.

The three types of Mortise locks

There are three types of Mortise locks. They are; 

  • First; Domestic, old-fashioned mortise locks which are traditional in nature and can be unlocked using a traditionally designed key. 
  • Second; Euro-style domestic mortise lock which has taken over the domestic market. Its origin as the name hints can be traced back to Europe and within this type of the Mortise lock there exists a cylinder that is referred to as euro-style fixed cam cylinder. 
  • The third is the most common type of Mortise lock referred to as 60mm backset Lockwood 3572sc primary lock body.

How to install it?

This lock can be installed by any average commoner using basic tools. Almost all specialist installers use the mortising jig to mound the Mortise lock on to the door. The flexible components of the Mortise lock allow the installer to use cylinders that are made by a different manufacturer proving to be user friendly.

What are the doors best for installing Mortise locks?

The front door of a house or a commercial building is the main means through which a burglar or any threat will try to enter. In this regard, one can easily state that the front door should be protected under all means whatsoever to provide the utmost security. So the Mortise lock which is quite expensive and some may not be able to install it in every door can use it for securing the front door.

When Mortise locks are a necessity?

There are two types of neighbourhoods. One might have a high crime rate and the other community will be having a low crime rate. It should be of high importance to use Mortise lock if you are living in a neighbourhood that has a high crime rate. Regardless you can purchase the lock from a mortise lock manufacturer to assure utmost security for your family or business. 


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